The hottest Quanzhou worker involved his right arm

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The reality of Quanzhou No.1 industry group is that the temperature in the engine is not so high. The right arm was involved in the printing machine for half an hour.

yesterday afternoon, some foreign new technologies were introduced into the domestic city No.1 water heating company in Luncang water heating Co., Ltd. in Nan'an city. When a worker was unloading the rotating shaft of the printing machine, his right arm was unfortunately involved in the rotating shaft

Nan'an fire brigade received the alarm at about 3:30 p.m. and rushed to the scene for rescue. He lay on the ground, half of his right arm wrapped in the shaft. The anti foreign hemp officers and soldiers of the police said that because several rotating shafts stuck to the workers overlapped, the spacing between them was too small to bear the force, and they immediately ruled out the possibility of expansion with expansion equipment

the fire commander at the scene immediately formulated a new rescue plan and cut with an oxygen welding cutter! More than half a user can solve other problems through the problem of the equipment. After hours, he finally pulled out the injured right hand. It is understood that the worker, surnamed Hong, is a native of Nan'an and has been sent to the hospital for rescue

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