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Bar code work in process (WIP) bills are used to simplify order receiving and customization

challenge: when a large computer manufacturer in Texas leaps from the traditional order completion method to customized computer assembly, the company must adopt a new system to track the assembly process, from the customer's order to the delivery of finished products

solution: the company installed a wide Zebra printer to generate work in process (WIP) work tickets: this letter size document provides specific installation and delivery instructions, and guides the installation of each product until the product reaches the customer

application: each ticket contains several back adhesive labels, which can be stripped from the whole backing paper, so that each assembled part can be customized marked according to the consistent product serial number. On the production line, according to each specific task, workers remove the relevant labels from WIP bills and stick them on the assembled parts, such as hard disks, graphics cards, etc. At the end of the production line, the quality controller confirmed that each serial number was consistent with the number on the technical guarantee ticket, especially for the energy saving and consumption reduction of hydrometallurgical electrowinning process and the improvement of cathode product quality, so as to ensure that the correct equipment was installed in each computer

result: the production manager said, "barcode enables us to speed up the assembly and quality control process, and also improves the quality and value of products we provide to customers. Our zebra barcode label printer is the key component of the production process, and they never disappoint us"

zebra wide format printer is most suitable for the application of component marking. It can print many small labels on a single wide WIP work ticket

the shortcut to solve the problem: unify the global system with data collection

challenge: an automotive plastics manufacturing company with improved product performance in Michigan has grown by more than 300% in just three years with the research and utilization of automotive lightweight. Then the company suddenly found that its institutions are distributed in 23 different locations, each of which has different systems, hardware and process flow

a production manager of the company said, "it's not going to work like this. Writing reports is the most troublesome. It's almost impossible to identify which factories are efficient or which factories are inefficient. Sometimes, several of our subordinate factories are full of work tasks, while other subordinate factories have insufficient production tasks"

solution: in order to integrate all institutions into one system, the company has implemented a perfect enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, which can realize the production management within the company. Subsequently, the company combined the data acquisition system based on Zebra printer to manage the data flow in and out of the system

application: Zebra printer penetrates every aspect of production process management, from outputting item list labels after receiving raw materials to printing WIP labels for semi-finished products in the production workshop. Even at the end of the production line, Zebra printer will generate shipping labels and make the labels meet the strict specifications of customers

results: the company's project manager said, "through bar code labels, we can track the product inventory level in real time and accurately, and determine the specific location of each item in the warehouse, so that the production line operates with extraordinary efficiency. We save a lot of labor, and the production line operates with a larger capacity, and our customers are even more amazed at this faster product turnover speed"

in addition, he added: "Like many manufacturers, we operate at full capacity 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we print thousands of labels every day. In some companies we acquire, we see other project partners implement inferior hardware or cheap ribbon schemes to save a little money. What they get is not only inferior print quality, but also in order to get high-quality images like Zebra printers, they have to The printer is damaged by increasing its temperature. When we operate with high-quality ribbons and printing media, we get a permanent printing effect. "

after the networking and comprehensive distribution of bar code printers in the manufacturing plant, the company can fully meet the label specification requirements of customers. They make the company's inventory active, and the human exchange, manufacturing and shipping processes operate smoothly, so that production efficiency can be increased

barcode and sap? Combining the forming process and the connection between manufacturers

challenge: after a series of plant expansion, an international pharmaceutical product manufacturer in Pennsylvania is preparing to improve its following separation systems in order to manage each stage of production. What's worse, all information about incoming materials is manually input, so data input errors occur frequently, resulting in improper product inventory

the company installed SAP r/3? Software to coordinate all operations. However, they still need a way to obtain data from SAP system, and then put the data into the production line to measure the inventory level, track the progress of the production line and identify the order completion trend

solution: in order to make full use of the functions of SAP system, they use zebra barcode printer and zebra Bar-One? Label design and integration software constitute the latest data acquisition system. Bar-One is the only bar code label software that can work in SAP system. It can directly obtain the label information from SAP database to ensure that the company data on each label is printed with the real-time data collected from SAP warehouse management branch system (WMS)

application: Zebra printer generates up to three WIP labels for the storage and transportation of each medical product. The barcode label indicates the batch number information of the finished product. After knowing the destination of the final product, the finished product list label can be printed in advance for shipment. Barcode scanning is carried out in each step of the production process to automatically update the production progress of SAP system

results: the project manager of the company said, "after the implementation of SAP system, zebra's excellent bar code label application products made the system more perfect, and we were able to straighten out each management and production line in the company. By using bar code printing and scanning, we eliminated many errors that affect the internal data input process"

"By scanning the ten digit barcode composed of batch number, part number, operation order and factory number, we have saved a lot of manual data input costs and made the system automatically update. The biggest benefit we see is to have the ability of data sharing. Complete real-time information can be obtained in all factories or company headquarters. We are no longer backward in inventory and freight data processing, so that we account for a large proportion of the overall operation According to the key advantage, that is, more efficient and accurate "

the production manager added, "in order to catch up with the rapidly changing production plan, we must print a large number of labels every day. We need durable printers to meet our requirements, and the printed labels are required to be durable enough to withstand the harsh chemical process environment. In order to meet the demand, zebra's high-quality printers and consumables are our ideal choice."

label specification scheme is developing towards full-automatic system

challenge: there is a famous manufacturer of household cleaning machinery in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company needs to update the original manual inventory, shipping and receiving system to meet the requirements of large retail customers. The company needs to mark the shipped goods with standard specification bar code labels to ensure that the customer can easily input the information into the system when receiving the goods

solution: instead of simply implementing the minimum requirement system to generate bar code labels, the company chose to install the company's internal system to make full use of the function of bar code printing

application: the company has installed a self-developed wireless network, and set up terminals and Zebra printers in many locations within the organization to provide employees with real-time order status, WIP signatures that are updated at any time, inventory charts, and report printing. Zebra printers have a variety of connection options, so they are easy to install, and they can be set up anywhere in the company. As long as the terminal is connected through serial or parallel cables, it can be connected through zebranet? PrintServer II Ethernet connection tool or connect the host through the built-in PCMCIA wireless network card

results: the implementation of bar code printing and scanning system has greatly increased the production level of the company without changing personnel. Because the same work requires less time, the company can obtain satisfactory customer service while maintaining a record of high product requirements

the manufacturing system analyst said, "after we realized the advantages of bar codes, we used them everywhere according to our needs. Bar codes can be used everywhere. We use Zebra printers in the whole inventory, manufacturing and shipping processes. We print at least 2.2 million labels every year, and Zebra printers can always meet the tasks of heavy workload". (end)

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