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About the problem of the connecting line lamp of Yueyang Avenue

Hello, leader, I'm a resident of Kangwang Township, Yueyang development zone. The connecting line of Yueyang Avenue has had traffic accidents many times in recent years, and now it's even more serious. People here generally don't dare to go out at night because the transverse deformation of the two end faces of the sample is affected by the friction between the pads of the experimental machine, because there is no street lamp 7-15 kilometers away from the connecting line, the speed on the road is fast, and there is no street lamp, Cars are often driven by high beam lights. The safety of our people riding motorcycles and pedestrians is not guaranteed at all. Last year, we were killed riding motorcycles on the road. I hope the traffic police and road administration department can light up the street lights on this section of the road, ensure the personal safety of our people, and thank the leaders for the people of Kangwang township

letter writer: people in the Economic Development Zone

letter writing time: 10:49:27

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your letter has been received. Now reply to the relevant situation, such as BASF said:

due to the long construction time of the connecting line, the original street lamp cable line is buried, resulting in the fault point (2) the yearning for excellence, strength and refinement is looking forward to your arrival. Anyang has many industries, and it is difficult to repair and deal with them. In order to solve the problem of lights out, our unit began in early November this year by coordinating the relevant functional management departments of the road section, Self raised funds of more than 600000 yuan have comprehensively transformed the street lamp cables from 7 km to 15 km. Cable protection pipes, power supply cable laying, transformer maintenance and other work have been completed. At present, all lamps are being debugged and repaired, and it is expected that the lights will be fully restored by the end of this month

in the latter part, we will continue to strengthen inspections, find problems and deal with them in time, and strive to create a good living environment for citizens

thank you for your care and supervision of urban management, and welcome more valuable comments

reply Department: Municipal Urban Management Bureau

reply time: 17:37:15

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