The hottest phenolic aluminum foil production line

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Hunan built phenolic aluminum foil production line

information came from the third national refrigeration, air conditioning and HVAC equipment Changsha exhibition held recently. Hunan Zhongye high tech special materials Co., Ltd. organized scientific researchers to successfully develop a phenolic aluminum foil composite production line with an annual output of 1million square meters, which will be completed and put into operation in Wangcheng County

it is estimated that after the production line is put into operation, the annual sales will reach more than 100million yuan, and it will become the largest production base of phenolic aluminum foil composite board for central air conditioning duct in China. Relevant people pointed out that phenolic aluminum foil composite air duct is a new type of non-toxic, flame-retardant and widely applicable environmental protection product, which constitutes an industrial cluster product in Changzhou, Wuxi, Qingdao, Shenzhen and other places. It has the advantages of light weight, safety and convenience, cleaning and hygiene, good heat preservation, long service life and so on. 2. The test time of phased pressure maintaining process can automatically count down the service life of poles, and can be widely used in industrial and civil buildings Food processing plants, hospitals, civil air defense projects, stadiums and other places three years ago

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