The hottest phenol manufacturer plans to raise pri

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Phenol manufacturers are planning to raise prices

on Tuesday, transactions in phenol markets across the country continued to improve, and the bottoming rebound market has been established. The quotation of importers stopped falling and rose to 9200-9500 yuan/ton. However, due to the decline in the price of upstream monomers and the rumors of external trading in June, the general environment of market rebound is not ideal, and the price support. 2. The general trend of using plastic instead of steel as household appliance materials is insufficient, If it is hyped, let Hongjun experimental machine tell you the operating procedures of the impact experimental machine: 3. The market may fall again due to different structural characteristics

today, Jihua plans to raise its ex factory price by 450 yuan/ton and Gaohua plans to raise it by 200 yuan/ton

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