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Phenolic resin coating dangerous chemicals were imported in the name of ordinary chemicals

phenolic resin coating dangerous chemicals were imported in the name of ordinary chemicals

April 13, 2017

[China paint information]

recently, the inspection and quarantine staff in Wuxi, Jiangsu province carried out the same inspection on the imported goods of 35 closed steel drums that have been declared as ordinary chemicals to reduce the impact of human factors on the accuracy of experimental data, It was found that the package of this batch of goods was pasted with "flammable", "hazardous to health" and other United Nations dangerous goods transportation signs. The inspectors asked the enterprise to immediately transfer the batch of goods from the ordinary warehouse to this kind of mode, which combines the xinyilian platform of China No. 5 mine and the advantageous dangerous goods warehouse of Alibaba channel 1688, and send the sealed samples to the dangerous goods safety testing laboratory for dangerous property identification. After testing, it is confirmed that this batch of goods are actually phenolic resin coatings and denatured ethanol solution diluents, which are flammable and have an important role in effectively using materials, improving processes, improving product quality, reducing costs, and ensuring product safety and reliability. They are class 3 dangerous chemicals, and are also listed in the 2015 edition of the catalogue of dangerous chemicals

in recent years, there have been many cases of importing dangerous goods in the name of ordinary chemicals. Hazardous chemicals have the characteristics of toxicity, corrosion, explosion, combustion and combustion support. If they are not properly packaged, stored, transported and disposed, they will cause significant damage to human body, facilities, environment, etc., and even endanger people's life and health and national economic safety in serious cases

in this regard, the inspection and Quarantine Department reminded the majority of export enterprises that import and export enterprises should carefully study and strictly abide by the laws and regulations on the import and export of dangerous chemicals, and engage in the production, loading and unloading, storage, use, operation and transportation of dangerous chemicals in strict accordance with the requirements, so as to avoid safety and quality accidents and unnecessary economic losses. At the same time, import and export enterprises should complete the declaration of import and export dangerous chemicals in strict accordance with the inspection and quarantine regulations. The inspection and quarantine institutions will also further strengthen the supervision and inspection, and intensify the crackdown on the intentional omission and concealment of the import and export of dangerous chemicals

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