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Philadelphia special label company creates low-cost enterprise application security label

Philadelphia 1. At the end of each experiment, special label company recently introduced low-cost enterprise application (EAS) security label. The company claims that the product is 100% compatible with the labels sold by checkpoint, tyco/sensormatic and 3M, and is a good option in terms of efficiency and cost, which is generally 20% to 40% lower than the product cost of other providers

the company was discovered by former employees of Brian stern, the largest EAS security product supplier and the largest U.S. retailer with 30 years of operating experience in the security industry. With the direct establishment of factories in Asia, we can carry out overseas production. Our continuous 20 years of business experience and technical know-how can help consumer product manufacturers, packers and retailers save money. Why should Joh choose the electronic universal testing machine? N thorn said that the company's products include radio frequency, acoustic magnetic, electromagnetic and various RFID tags as well as reusable tags. Special labels also provide a series of tracking and source marking services. Through unique identification/coding and tracking security labels, it helps to track organized retail at a fraction of a cent of the cost. 5. It is strictly forbidden to touch the drive screw and sliding seat theft gang, internal theft, property transfer or forgery during operation. Certified EAS allows manufacturers and retailers to get more information from their current safety labels

in order to help play a role and give customers a sense of safety, special labels provide various consulting services and free source mark identification and configuration services. In addition, the company provides the guarantee of replacement/compensation for all defective products within one year

about special label company

special label company is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. It is a label technology importer, printer/integrator, and its technical offices and facilities are located in the United States and Shanghai, China

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