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Philippine Contact Center Association: the growth rate of the call center industry in 2011 reached 20%

ctiforum January 9 news (compiler/Liu Yu): according to foreign media reports, the head of the Philippine Industry Association said that in 2011, with the development of health care and financial related services, the growth rate of the call center industry was 20%

JOJO J. uligan, executive director of the Philippine Call Center Association (CCAP), said in an interview with businessworld that the outlook for 2012 is optimistic, and there is an opportunity to surpass the United States and enter the English speaking market. Different standards correspond to different testing items to knowledge intensive services

uligan said: "even if we don't have the final figure, we believe that our growth is expected to exceed% in 2011. Even if the world economy is depressed, we may reach 21%. At present, it's just a forecast, and we are still collecting industry data."

he added: "in 2011, we will improve the services of the healthcare and financial branches. In 2012, we will continue to verify these, and we will focus on growth, because we need to readjust our strategy according to industry goals"

he said: "this year, we conservatively predict an increase of 15% to 20%, but there is no exact official target. In the next week, we will meet our performance update and formulate this year's marketing plan."

Mr. uligan claimed that CCAP's performance was supported by strong government and private sectors in human resource development and promotion. With these, at the same time, the organization increases the intensity of talent development to improve high value-added services and expand to other regions

uligan said, "our battle slogan has always been talent. We are still focused on building this capacity to help the industry grow. At present, we are discussing opportunities outside Manila, Cebu, Davao and Bacolod, which are areas of supply side structural reform.

he continued to say 1. It is abnormal to hammer back: "On a global scale, we also try to cooperate with countries like Canada, Australia and Europe that we haven't met before."

in 2010, the industry increased by 21% to $6.2 billion, providing 344000 jobs, surpassing India as the leader of call centers

in the long run, CCAP is eager to double its growth to $14.7 billion, and the number of employees expanded to 816000 in 2016

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