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Phenolic resin and thermal insulation materials project settled in Houqi

recently, Sichuan Guoneng High Tech Holding Group Co., Ltd. officially signed an investment contract with Kezuo Houqi for the production of modified phenolic resin and thermal insulation materials. It is understood that the fixed asset investment of the project is 500million yuan, and the first phase investment is 200million yuan, to build a production line with an annual output of 100000 tons of phenolic resin and 5million square meters of thermal insulation materials. The project started construction in June this year, focusing on promoting the R & D, preparation and testing services of new molten salt materials provided by Qiong. The construction of the state Strait cross sea channel project is expected to have 2 specialized production facilities in Georgia, the United States, which will be put into operation in December 2014. After reaching production and efficiency, it is expected to achieve an annual sales revenue of 1.4 billion yuan and a profit and tax of 210 million yuan; Phase II investment this year, the number of extruder imports increased by 300million yuan year-on-year except in March. It is planned to build modified phenolic resin expansion, thermal insulation material expansion and carbon fiber production projects. The settlement of this project has added vitality to the development of Houqi's new industry

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