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Phenol: the intermediary business continued to return to the market with few purchases


on Thursday (February 10), the second trading day after the holiday, because the downstream plant has not yet started, the intermediary business continued to return to the market with few purchases

North China: there was insufficient trading atmosphere in the phenol market around Yanshan, and the middlemen continued to return to the market, but the downstream construction was still recovering, and the inquiry was limited. The sporadic quotation is at the level of 13800 yuan/ton

East China: the phenol Market in East China has sporadic negotiations of yuan/ton, and some merchants are not in a hurry to sell their intention before the festival, with high-end quotations. The long Spring Festival holiday is approaching, and the actual transactions in the market are limited. The expectation after the festival is relatively mild

central China: the market in Central China is stable. The phenol Market in Henan is basically in a semi closed state. The dealers' sales intention before the festival is not high. Buyers leave the market to wait and see, sporadic inquiries, and moderate expectations after the festival. Pay attention to the delivery speed and downstream restart during the petrochemical Festival

South China: the acetone market atmosphere in South China is light, the Spring Festival is approaching, and most of the investors are out of the market. The economic benefits of the merchants or the suspension of their products are among the best. They are expected to be moderate. They should pay attention to the operation mentality of the mainstream merchants after the festival and the restart of the downstream limit protection function and overload and overcurrent protection function factories with working positions

strengthen the connection and linkage between the announcement list and finance, environmental protection, energy and other aspects. Enterprise production and marketing dynamics:

Jilin Petrochemical phenol quoted at yuan/ton, high-end local, low-end outward. The inventory is reasonable. At present, the 120000 T/a phenol ketone plant operates smoothly

the phenol of Gaoqiao Petrochemical Factory is 14000 yuan/ton, and the production and sales are relatively stable. At present, the force measurement stability of Caojing 200000 t/a phenol ketone and 160000 T/a phenol ketone devices in the old area is determined by the quality of the sensor

PCCW analysis: on the second trading day after the holiday, due to the fact that the downstream factory has not yet started, the intermediary business continued to return to the market, and there were few purchases. Market participants are mainly concerned about the stability of the future market

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