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Volunteers of Doosan company offer condolences to needy households in the community before the Mid Autumn Festival

volunteers of Doosan company offer condolences to needy households in the community before the Mid Autumn Festival

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the annual Mid Autumn Festival is coming, and we miss our relatives every holiday! The Mid Autumn Festival is a symbol of family reunion in China. In the days of family reunion, there are still many lonely old people who are eager to get people's love both materially and spiritually

Doosan organized a visit of Doosan volunteers on the eve of the Mid Autumn Festival, which was certainly an effective way to express condolences to No. 1 courtyard, Yumin Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Doosan offered Mid Autumn Festival condolences to the four empty nesters, the elderly living alone, the elderly living in extreme poverty and the elderly with disabilities in the community

the old man struggled with cancer and disease for 4 and a half years, and his wife took care of him alone. They can't take care of their food, drink and daily life. The tall family can't afford it for a long time and is under heavy pressure. Even so, the old couple still face life with a warm and positive attitude. I wish the old man a speedy recovery

at 14:30 p.m. on September 2, the volunteers participating in the condolence were divided into two groups to visit and condole the elderly in four families. The activity ended at 17:00 p.m. When we approach each old man, we can truly feel and understand their loneliness, hardship and messy life from the bottom of our hearts. Some old people are weak and sick; Some old people have a single diet, indifferent and tasteless; More old people's houses can't cover the rain by pressing the "start" button, which is in danger; Some old people even have difficulty in moving, staggering and so on; But their basic requirements for survival are as simple as a smile or a greeting. These old people have a common characteristic, that is, their spirit is very optimistic. They have not been overwhelmed by the hardships of life, have not lost their confidence in survival, and are still full of hope for life

send a box of moon cakes to the old man, make a pot of good tea, chat with the old man and talk about family things... The old people showed a happy smile when talking and laughing. In the process of getting along with the elderly, the warm greetings and sincere blessings of volunteers from Doosan broke the silence and melted the loneliness of the elderly. There were laughter everywhere and the atmosphere was harmonious. The old people were so excited that they held gifts in their hands and sincerely thanked them. They were moved to say: "although we are lonely and widowed, we are lonely but not widowed, and its lightweight characteristics are the key to the development of the aerospace industry. We are very happy in today's society."

these lonely old people usually lack the care of their relatives. On the eve of the Mid Autumn Festival, they will have the thought of "missing their relatives every festival". The visits of volunteers bring them care and comfort to a certain extent. It is convenient and practical to get the experimental data of various materials; People, they are also young. Young people, we will grow old. To be kind to the old is to be kind to yourself. I hope this statement will resonate with everyone

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