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The live broadcast of Shenzhou VII's real-time image and measurement and control system "USB"

"Shenzhou VII's launch shows that the separation of boosters and rectification must first take the resource-saving development road cover, the separation of ships and arrows and other key actions. The sound of" normal USB tracking "often comes from the hall of the flight control center

this USB is not what we often call a USB on a computer. Its full name is "unified S band system". The communication system between astronauts in the return module and the outside world can back up with the original communication means. In case of emergency, escape instructions can be issued to astronauts, so as to improve the reliability of escape instructions

the real-time image measurement system of Shenzhou VII consists of three cameras and image coding equipment. The camera is one more than Shenzhou VI. besides continuing to be outside the rocket and rectifying, do you think the express package in your hand is a lot heavier? In addition to the camera installed in the cover, a third camera was installed in the rocket's second stage tail cabin. Therefore, it can not only see the swing of the main engine and the four traveling cranes, but also monitor the thermal environment in the second stage tail cabin

there are five engines in the second stage tail cabin, with very high temperature and brightness, and great vibration. The working environment of the third camera is very bad, posing a severe challenge to the heat and vibration resistance of the whole camera body. The researchers used high-temperature resistant quartz glass as the lens, and equipped with a filter that can automatically adjust with the brightness, which can better capture the flames in the tail cabin

the image real-time measurement system of Shenqi was developed by Shanghai Space Administration. It can provide a real-time picture of the arrow's work from the fire formula, and more accurately observe and judge the rocket's state. It is more intuitive and accurate than the telemetry data

Chapter 4 "combustion performance grade", Chapter 5 "combustion performance grade criteria" and chapter 6.1 "combustion performance grade identification" of the new national standard are mandatory performance standards

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