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Voyat, a hotel CRM service provider, raised $1.8 million

investors are still very optimistic about hotel B2B technology. Voyat, a B2B Hotel CRM service provider, recently obtained $1.3 million seed financing for high-molecular materials, providing operable customer data for hotel owners by tracking the status of continuous social media accounts

metamorphic ventures, ENIAC ventures, box group, Brett Crosby, co-founder of Google Analytics and other angel investors Mu15 participated in this round of financing

this financing did not take the form of convertible bonds, but the financing details were not announced

last year, it has made more than ten investment and mergers and acquisitions in the field of SAAS and OEM technology in the hotel industry

retain customers with social attributes

voyat, unlike other third-party Hotel CRS tools, associates customers' data in the database with their online social accounts

after the customer connects to the hotel's Wi Fi and logs in to Facebook, twitter, google+ or email through authentication, voyat can record the login information and track the customer's interaction with the hotel after the customer leaves the hotel

for example, if a customer browses a hotel station after a few months, the station will recognize it and send personalized information

generally, the above functions can only be realized after the customer joins the hotel's loyalty program and agrees to remain logged in indefinitely

if voyat's analysis of customer data is that they will take leisure travel instead of business travel, then the hotel can send the price of viscose staple fiber to the guests, and there will be a sharp drop in the promotion information of leisure travel

this kind of tracking is very helpful for personalized marketing. It can enable the hotel to attract customers to repeat consumption through different marketing channels, including the front desk, e-mail or the landing page of the hotel station<3. a set of hydraulic clamping and control system with its own intellectual property rights/p>

voyat CEO Ben habbel said in the interview: from a technical point of view, we record the device ID and the customer's social account name by setting cookies on the device that the customer logs in after connecting to Wi Fi. In this way, we can obtain the information that the user discloses on the social networking site, such as age

he said that this tracking method enables voyat to identify the hotel's most valuable customers by adding labels to each customer's records, such as loyalty scores, and to connect with customer preference information, such as delivering newspapers to rooms


voyat was founded in New York in 2012. It uses SaaS model to provide technical support for Starwood's W Hotel, Morgan Hotel and Shangri La Hotel in Santa Monica

through this financing, voyat, which has 8 employees, will expand its scale. The company has set up an office in Barcelona and plans to expand its business to Las Vegas and Miami

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