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Weimeide Nanjing Service Seminar - visit Anhui Shanying paper

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core tip: this year's seminar was an unprecedented event, attracting nearly 50 factories and more than 150 pulp and paper and household paper customers from all over the country to jointly discuss the development and future of China's pulp and paper industry

[China Packaging News] on September 22, 2016, the Valmet China Service seminar was held in Nanjing. The theme of the conference was "committed to promoting your business operation"

this year's symposium was an unprecedented event, attracting more than 150 pulp and paper and household paper customers from nearly 50 factories across the country to discuss the development and future of China's pulp and paper industry

one of the highlights of this seminar: the grand launch of the new service model of Valmet - making progress in the same boat and sailing for the future. The core commitment of Valmet is safety first, close to customers, customized solutions and trustworthy

in the seminar, the experts of Valmet shared how to maintain process stability and equipment reliability through reliability service, operational service and new technology solutions, optimize the operation of production process, and obtain the maximum income with the minimum investment

the seminar covers the latest process technology, automation and services of Valmet. At the same time, in the field of industrial interconnection, which is highly concerned by the industry, Valmet industrial interconnection was also fully demonstrated at the meeting: today, our customers have widely used our industrial interconnection based on intelligent technology, automation and services

during the conference, round table discussions were also arranged according to different service scopes. The customer had a heated discussion with the experts of Valmet on reliability service, operational service and new technology service

on the next day of the meeting, the participants went to Anhui Shanying paper to visit machine 5 and machine 6. These two high-quality recycled box board production lines are provided by Valmet. Since their startup in 2014, they have operated stably. They have set a benchmark for the industry in terms of energy saving and consumption reduction and paper quality, and have been widely spread in the industry

wujianxiong, deputy general manager of Shanying paper, warmly received everyone and introduced the basic situation of the factory. Shanying safety manager explained the safety needs of visitors to all guests

the original intention of Shanying paper to invest in these two high-quality recycled box board production lines (machine 5 and machine 6) is to adjust the company's product structure to meet market demand, so as to make the company more competitive

the development trend of carton board production is to use less raw materials and energy to produce final products with lower quantity and better strength

in Europe, the most efficient box board production line produces high-quality light-weight box board by using clip forming technology with the function of automatically calculating stress, elongation (extension meter is required), tensile strength and elastic modulus, and the effect is very remarkable. Shanying No. 6 machine adopts the clamp forming technology. This is the first time that a Chinese box board producer has used the pinch forming technology to produce light weight box board

Shanying paper has successfully taken this step by adopting the technology of virtue. Using 100% recycled waste paper as raw material to produce high-grade carton board

"since the production of unit 5, the final product quality has been excellent and the use efficiency of raw materials has been high. In addition, due to the environmental advantages of the production line, the water and steam consumption of unit 5 is also very low. On average, we can save at least 0.2 tons of steam per ton of paper." zhangxianrong, production manager of Shanying paper, concluded.

"The environmental benefits of No. 6 paper machine in terms of energy consumption and raw material efficiency have completely exceeded the expectations of my equipment and technology group output worldwide, and are far higher than our industry standards." Wang Yong, production manager of Shanying paper, said when evaluating the operation of No. 6 paper machine

Shanying paper's No. 5 and No. 6 machines are also equipped with a complete set of Valmet DNA systems, including process control, quality control and status and operation performance monitoring systems. This extensive and comprehensive packaging and delivery provided by one supplier has realized the design of energy-efficient production line, made the paper machine run more smoothly, and gave full play to its advantages

about Valmet

Valmet is the world's leading developer and supplier of pulp, paper and energy industries, providing customers with process technology, automation and service businesses. Our vision is to become the best service provider in the world

Valmet has strong technical strength, providing production lines including pulping, household paper, paper and paperboard, and power plants using biomass energy. Our leading service and automation solutions improve the reliability and performance of customer processes, and improve the effective use of raw materials and energy

the training of high skilled talents in 201 not only needs the training of the school, but also has a net sales of nearly 2.9 billion euros in five years. Our 1 can supply processing plans for various special experiments. 2000 professionals serve customers all over the world and are committed to promoting customers' daily operations. Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, Valmet is listed on the NASDAQ Helsinki Stock Exchange

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