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Accelerating the process of electrification and digitalization, Volkswagen Group is committed to being the leader of mobile travel.

although the car market in 2018 has been "Snowy", in November, all car companies still went to Guangzhou with their own car making dreams to meet this annual year-end event, undertake the past, look forward to the future, and sow the "spring" of the car market next year. Volkswagen Group is one of them

on the eve of Guangzhou auto show, Volkswagen Group held a media communication meeting to show nearly 300 media and business partners the group's strategic initiatives to lead and shape a new era of mobile travel

at the communication meeting, Prof. Dr. jochem heizmann, member of the management board of Volkswagen Group, President and CEO of Volkswagen Group (China), said: "Volkswagen Group will, as always, strive to maintain a leading position in the future mobile travel field."

△ professor heizman, President and CEO of Volkswagen Group (China)

on the future cooperation direction and issues between Volkswagen Group and its partners, Professor heizman said: "in the next year alone, we plan to invest more than 4billion euros with our partners in China. The funds will be used in the fields of electric vehicles, connectivity, mobile travel services, R & D, efficient production processes and new product development. Through sustained and strong investment, we will achieve transformation and provide customers with products that meet their needs."

in addition, he also said that by working hand in hand with joint ventures - FAW Volkswagen, SAIC Volkswagen, JAC Volkswagen, as well as new partners in a wide range of fields such as technology and mobile travel services, Volkswagen Group will provide consumers with people-oriented mobile travel services

launch the electric vehicle offensive in an all-round way

it is reported that in the next two years, Volkswagen Group will launch the largest new energy vehicle product portfolio in China. Its brands will launch more than 30 new energy models, of which 50% will be produced locally

by 2020, Volkswagen plans to deliver about 400000 new energy vehicles in the Chinese market, and by 2025, the delivery volume will reach about 1.5 million. At the same time, by 2020, the first pure electric vehicles based on the leading modular electric platform MEB will be offline in FAW Volkswagen Foshan factory and SAIC Volkswagen Anting factory

in addition, in the field of infrastructure, from 2019, Volkswagen Group will work with partners to explore solutions for building a public high-power fast charging network in China

continue to promote leading automatic driving technology

in the field of automatic driving, Volkswagen Group is accelerating the development of automatic driving technology in China to provide China with smart city solutions. At present, the Audi brand has obtained the fourth level automatic driving test qualification in Beijing and Wuxi, and the Volkswagen brand has recently joined the baidu Apollo automatic driving platform

escape driving intelligence, an important carrier for Volkswagen Group (China) to transform into a mobile travel service provider

at the communication meeting, Volkswagen Group also showed the progress of its mobile travel service company - escape driving Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as escape driving intelligence) in the application fields of digitalization, interconnection and artificial intelligence

at present, escape smart is working with partners in different fields to build an intelligent ecosystem that can provide customers with equipment and functions, so that consumers can seamlessly enjoy a wide range of intelligent mobile travel services

on this basis, Volkswagen Group (China) will soon release its first artificial intelligence based United Automobile in China, which will be equipped with voice recognition, navigation, charging, parking and payment functions, as well as other services including entertainment

Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda brands comprehensively display new technologies, new functions and new designs

in addition, the new generation of Touareg of Volkswagen brand and Kodiak gt of Skoda brand also showed the latest achievements in the functionality and design of SUV models at this communication meeting, while Audi brand explained the infinite possibilities of electric vehicles with formula e electric racing cars

in 2018, the Volkswagen brand successfully launched the brand offensive of "moving forward for the future" and launched at least 9 models for the Chinese market, including the new brand flagship - the new generation Touareg. The successive launch of the new models Tan Ge, Tan Yue and tuyue means that we will reply to you as soon as possible! In 2018, the number of SUV models of Volkswagen brand in China has doubled. In addition, Bora, Langyi, CC, Passat and other core cars have completed a new generation, providing leading design, technology and driving assistance systems. The Volkswagen brand has also started the localized mass production of the Tiguan l plug-in hybrid model and the new generation Passat plug-in hybrid model

in addition, as the first pure electric SUV under Audi, Audi e-tron will make another appearance at the Guangzhou auto show after its China debut at the China International Import Expo on November 5

Audi e-tron is the starting signal of the brand electrification strategy: by 2025, Audi will release 12 electric models in major markets around the world, and new energy models are expected to account for one third of Audi's sales at that time. It is reported that e-tron will prevent the production and processing of commodities that exceed the requirements of mechanical equipment in terms of diameter, quantity and speed ratio of mechanical equipment. It will be introduced into China as an imported vehicle in 2019 and will be made in China from 2020

in addition to electrification, the Audi brand also drives the electric car on the track, winning the formula. In terms of price, we also achieved the concept of relative quality and price. E 2017/2018 season championship

in terms of SAIC Volkswagen Skoda brand, the release of the new model Kodiak GT marks another milestone in the offensive of its largest SUV in the Chinese market. Skoda also unveiled this new model at the media communication meeting

it is reported that Kodiak GT made its world debut at the first China International Import Expo held in Shanghai ten days ago, and will be officially listed at the Guangzhou auto show. Kodiak GT is a new flagship model of Skoda, and also the first SUV model of the brand. It combines the robustness and versatility of SUV models with the dynamism and elegance of sedan models

in addition, Volkswagen Group (China) has never slackened in the field of corporate society. It is reported that the group has been actively supporting public welfare projects such as environmental protection, sustainable transportation, sports development, culture and art, poverty alleviation and social care, which is an important part of the group's long-term commitment to Chinese society

at the communication meeting, Volkswagen Group (China) announced that it would invest an additional 100million yuan into the social projects of the group's Zhixing public welfare fund, which is twice the original public welfare fund

in a word, Volkswagen Group has a clear mind in product layout and future development direction. In addition, as a car enterprise, it also actively undertakes its due social responsibilities, from product quality to consumer reputation, which may also create the sales myth of Volkswagen Group

it is reported that, as the leader of the global automotive industry for many years, Volkswagen Group will also usher in the development plan of transformation in the next decade. Although everything is still unknown, we believe that Volkswagen Group will become better and better

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