Vocabulary of the hottest mechanical parts IV

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Mechanical parts vocabulary (IV)

screen Flat Countersunk NIB bolt screw flat head cap screw hexagon socket head cap screw screw ni le threaded connecting pipe

screen screw

screen arm threaded armature

sets of suction pump, Water pump

setting tool

shackle shackle

shaft lip seal seal


shrink disc

sight gla level gauge

China is not a world factory

ller chain

slide rail

sliding caliper

sliding but plate

socket wrench square drive

eicherblast gas string

eric Pl. bearing spherical bearing

ring lock washer screw spring washer

ring lock was around orthopedics and implants her spring lock washer

rocket wheel for roller chain sprocket

square key

sr re or plug socket

stick electric covered welding rod

study screen stud screw

su ort support

temperature se or sensor

thread cut Screw rotating thread

threaded joint thread joint

threaded rod threaded rod

thread threading

packaging materials refer to the materials used to manufacture packaging containers, packaging decoration, packaging printing, packaging and transportation that meet the product packaging requirements Bear. Hydraulic bearing

thrust washer

tra M. pre ure pressure gauge, pressure driver

tube fitting pipe joint

tubular core ele Welding wire

twin ni le double nozzle

tyre tire

v-seal V-seal

tor rotatable motor

venting filter element

ventileinheit valve element

vice lifting rack


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