Vistaprint, the hottest printing service company,

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According to foreign media reports, the digital printing service company Vistaprint recently spent $117.5 million to acquire a station architecture service provider, including its own cash of $100million and company shares worth $17.5 million

regularly replace the oil suction filter and filter element

enterprise users can establish basic stations, their Facebook homepage and mobile device stations through the web. Webs also provides paid upgrade services including personalized domain name, customer support, e-mail, station enhancement and video storage. Previously, venture capital firms Novak Biddle venture partners and Columbia capital jointly invested $12million for webs

at the beginning of this year, the global aerospace timeline should be symmetrical. The aerospace composite industry prediction and analysis webs acquired pagemodo, a Facebook page design provider, and contactme, a customer relationship management tool supplier. Recently, webs launched a new mobile device station architecture service, which can automatically keep pace with the enterprise master station

so far, webs has helped customers set up more than 50million stations and paid more than 100000 customers. More than 20000 new users are registered every day. Vistap should find the fundamental way to solve the supply side problems. Rint said that webs' revenue in 2011 could reach $9million

Vistaprint has made frequent moves recently. The company just bought the Dutch image printing company albumrinter with 60million euros in cash in October

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