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MCC Ethernet data acquisition card has entered the spot alliance

the spot alliance, a large electronic trading platform for the procurement of characteristic components and components in the electronic industry, announced that four Ethernet data acquisition card products of measurement computing (hereinafter referred to as MCC) have successfully landed on the spot Alliance Trading Platform

mcc is a leading data acquisition scheme designer, manufacturer and supplier, committed to testing and measurement and other application fields. The company designs and manufactures 57% of the data acquisition equipment that will be used in the aviation industry to develop easy-to-use, integrated and supported, providing programmers and non programmers with rich software related options. Free technical support makes MCC the first choice in data acquisition applications

this time, the products of the trading platform on the spot alliance, which fully filters out disturbing signals, have the following four models to choose from: the R & D and supporting capabilities of 16 bit multi-function aluminum processing enterprises are constantly improving, such as the Ethernet data acquisition card e-1608, the Ethernet based 8-channel thermocouple measurement device e-tc, the Ethernet based 24 channel digital i/o device e-dio24, and the USB or Ethernet based high-precision thermocouple measurement scheme tc-32

these products have outstanding Ethernet advantages, such as easy to expand, long-distance transmission, and can be extended to wireless systems; Product advantages include: tcp/ip protocol, small size, with shell version/oem version, support for c++, c#, C Net, VB, LabVIEW, MATLAB, support system windows, Linux, Mac OS; In terms of product functions, including voltage acquisition, thermocouple acquisition and digital IO port, the fastest sampling rate is 250ks/s and the highest resolution is 24bit. Out of the box software, the driver is free and easy to use, provides routines, provides free technical support, and has a one-year warranty. The main applications of these products include: distributed data acquisition, multi-point measurement and control, high-speed analog signal acquisition, which are suitable for industry, products, education, medical treatment, automobile and other fields

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