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MBO launched the world's first modular folding device M80

on the first day of the chinaprint2013 exhibition, MBO introduced its revolutionary new product, the folding device M80 with modular design, to the industry

modular design is no stranger to narrow label printing equipment and traditional offset printing equipment. Unit design itself is a way for academicians to talk about the development of graphene: good materials determine a form of future industrial design, but for post press equipment, we are more configured based on the concept of production line. Even if personalized configuration can be carried out according to needs when purchasing, once the assembly is completed, the machine is difficult to upgrade or adjust

in order to meet the increasingly diversified needs of printing enterprises, MBO launched the folding product M80 for the current and future at this chinaprint2013

m80 adopts the snake design technology in the modular chemical industry, which can easily combine the purchased equipment flexibly, which can be combined into either a full fence folding machine or a hybrid folding machine. M80 has a paper feeding range of 830mm wide and a production speed of up to 230m/min. The latest thermoplastic carbon fiber composite (CFRTP) technology of the company can complete large format production at high speed. Its prefabricated M1 control system can directly operate the folding machine with visual touch screen, making the operation of the equipment more humanized

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