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On June 15, MBO group, which has established a Beijing Representative Office in early 2005, chose print EXPO2007 to hold the opening ceremony and press conference of its Chinese company and Beijing exhibition hall. Wu Wenxiang, honorary president of China Printing Technology Association, Wang Demao, executive vice president of China printing and equipment industry association, and Ms. Cao Fengling, Secretary General of the book printing branch; Post press expert Ms. Wang huaizhu; Zhang Genxiang, general manager of Beijing Lingqi Printing Co., Ltd., panxiaodong, general manager of Shanghai Zhonghua Printing Co., Ltd., and other guest leaders and industry user managers attended the meeting to congratulate; More than 200 people attended the ceremony, including Manfred Minich, President of MBO group, Frank Ba, technical executive general manager of MBO printing equipment system (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as MBO China), nhmer, general manager of sales and marketing, He Yong, and media representatives

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in her speech, Wang huaizhu said that the number of high-end value-added online post press equipment in China is growing. The entry of MBO China into China will promote the improvement of the overall post press technology level of shred buddy 3D recycling machine in China's printing market developed by venture bit, a German start-up. Panxiaodong, general manager of Shanghai Zhonghua, MBO's customer, spoke highly of MBO's service level with words of honesty, sincerity and integrity. He Yong of MBO China introduced the characteristics of combined folding machine, full fence folding machine, special folding machine and bograma high-speed die-cutting machine displayed in MBO China exhibition hall

Ms. Wang huaizhu, a famous post press expert, made a speech

after the meeting, the participants visited the equipment displayed in the exhibition center of MBO China, including k760 combined folding machine (Note 1) suitable for 760cm*120cm medium format paper folding, KL development in the direction of low labor intensity, 112 multi fence micro folding machine, k760 combined folding machine, M7 multi fence automatic folding machine Bograma bsm450 basic (high-speed die-cutting machine) and a folding equipment assembled domestically with German technology

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the energy consumption of media specialized aluminum alloy manufacturing is usually large. At the visit, Manfred Minich, Frank banhmer and He Yong answered questions about MBO China's market strategy and service commitment, the significance of cooperation with Hager Hyman, and the reason for choosing Beijing

mbo group president Manfred Minich (middle), MBO printing equipment system (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Technical Executive General Manager Frank banhmer (left), general manager of sales and marketing He Yong (right) at the media interview meeting

media at the interview meeting

MBO group is composed of the former MBO binder machinery manufacturing company and special folding machine supplier Hager Hyman (h+h) Co., Ltd. over the years, there have been many technological innovations, It enjoys a high reputation among book binders and post press processors around the world. The company claims to have nearly 70% market share in the United States and 50% market share in continental Europe. Manfred Minich also revealed at the media interview that due to the economic downturn in Europe and the United States, MBO group has decided to strategically consider shifting its market focus to China. Some media are worried that it will face the impact of strong domestic post press manufacturers such as Xinshao in Hunan and Ziguang in Shanghai. Manfred Minich is confident in MBO's folding value-added technology advantages and as a comprehensive post press solution supplier with a number of global leading technologies

the participants also received at the scene an exquisite notebook, which was ingeniously prepared by MBO China, covering the introduction of MBO and the legend of folding method, and which highlights the technical advantages of MBO while introducing the technical problems of folding

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