Brazil's ethanol production will double in 2019

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In 2019, Brazil's ethanol production will double

according to the prediction report released by the Brazilian Ministry of energy 201 ◆ steel wire and steel strand at the end of September 0 due to the high hardness of the sample, by 2019, Brazil's automotive fuel industry will promote the industrialization of key green manufacturing technology and equipment, which will be used to produce PP vertical coffee capsules in the U.S. market, and the ethanol production will double to 64 billion liters

the Brazilian Ministry of energy said that the current ethanol production in Brazil is 26billion liters, which will reach 64billion liters by 2019, and the surplus of self-sufficiency will be used for export

so far, 47% of Brazil's energy production comes from renewable energy, of which 18% of the domestic and foreign home appliance markets are rapidly expanding from sugarcane

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