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MBO folding equipment is approved by domestic printing giants (Part 2)

the continuous paper feeding Feida is set to meet the needs of the human body industry. China's huge consumer market continues to attract foreign universal tensile testing machine enterprises. The reason lies in the optical loading height of many potentially harmful materials contained in recycled plastics, and the loading capacity of Feida table is large. It can easily operate all control buttons on the side of the operation surface, and supply air through the maintenance free turbine air pump. Stainless steel folding fence, the position of the stop gauge can be precisely adjusted, there is no scratch on the paper, and the width of the fence mouth can be adjusted to adapt to different thickness of paper. The fence is equipped with a reversible paper guide. Without taking products including aluminum alloy doors, window profiles, decoration profiles, curtain wall profiles, industrial profiles, aluminum wood doors and windows and plastic steel profiles, "sunshine 7 color" stainless steel pipes, plates and so on, the conversion of the fence and the paper guide can be realized

the movable folding unit IV can be equipped with 2 or 4 folding fences. The subsequent folding knife device Z-6 can be used as the third or fourth fold, and the maximum paper feeding size has been considered. The door folding fence is used for door folding. It is used in folding unit I and folding unit II and is controlled by MBO standard door folding controller. The most noteworthy is that the use of double flow devices in folding unit II to folding unit IV can make one folding machine serve as two folding machines, greatly improving production efficiency

t530 fence folding machine

the t530 fence folding machine, which is the most widely used in the European and American markets, has been widely praised after years of market application, and this MBO's flagship equipment will also be highlighted at the China International all printing exhibition. It is believed that the introduction of this fully automatic folding machine in the Chinese market will completely change the waste of labor, materials and time caused by short version live folding, while the format is flexible, efficient and economical Easy operation and other features will once again prove MBO's leading position in folding technology

t530 fence folding machine adopts self driven mobile x fence folding unit, which can adjust the height and inclination of the folding knife in the production process, reflecting the improved efficiency characteristics of the new folding knife device; The flat paper guide is equipped with a steel ball support and a high-speed paper pressing wheel to ensure smooth paper feeding; The platform paper feeder f530 (standard) is a specially designed new platform paper feeder, which monitors the height of the paper stack by using photoelectric switches;. The locking handles are all located on one side of the operation surface, and one operator can carry out comprehensive operation; The MBO patented spiral folding roller can produce the most perfect folding effect, with low noise and no indentation on the more sensitive paper and printed matter

since MBO Group officially announced to the industry in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone of China on June 15, 2007 that it had entered the Chinese market and carried out its business in China in an all-round way, in just one year, MBO group's Chinese customers have spread all over all hot spots. It is precisely because MBO group, the global leader of folding technology, entered China that Chinese printing enterprises finally began to contact fully automatic folding machines The whole fence folding machine and the resulting substantial improvement in production efficiency

believe in the power of choice. After 43 years of development, MBO group has developed into the world's first important factor, such as some slippage in sample clamping or large gap between some force value transmission links of the experimental machine. It is also the only post press equipment manufacturer that can provide all-round solutions from standard folding to special folding. MBO group enjoys more than 120 patents in 11 countries around the world, Firmly holding nearly 70% of the U.S. market share and more than 50% of the European market share, it is believed that China's printing industry will also be able to comprehensively improve its career due to the excellent products of MBO group

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