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McAfee company provides multi coil pipe winder

McAfee company provides a fully automatic double winder Mwb to pipe manufacturers

only the large roll of the external tie is quite large after it is untied on the ground. According to the specific winding shape and pipe diameter, the corresponding length can be longer. By placing the tie in the middle, the whole package is divided into several parts that are easy to handle - layered inner roll and outer roll. So it's easier to deal with big rolls on the ground. Also, the possibility of wasting open volumes is reduced

for tube manufacturers who need intermediate ties, McAfee's solution eliminates the redundant process of rewinding tear resistance after extrusion. Moreover, it saves the consumption cost of our enterprise and maintains a high-speed continuous extrusion process without the troublesome speed change of the retractor

the large roll of pipe is very heavy, weighing up to 100kg. In order to help pipe manufacturers, Mwb winder can automatically withdraw the rolled roll and send it to the trolley. The operator can simply and safely push the coil to the designated storage area

mwb full-automatic double winder can be sold as a single switch part that cannot be continuously switched in a short time, and it is also an integral part of the McAfee pipe production line

information source: International Plastics business information

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