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Mcgs&ntouch June Xi'an training course invitation letter

Dear friends:

Hello! It is my pleasure to invite you to participate in the mcgs&ntouch product training course jointly organized by Kunlun Tongtai and Youma technology

in 2004, in order to meet the needs of customers, we will strengthen customer training and improve quality. There will be a training course in Xi'an every month to serve you The training work will pay more attention to norms and effects. In order to let more users know and master MCGS & NTOUCH, and let everyone deeply feel the benefits of MCGS & NTOUCH embedded system in automatic monitoring

our goal is to be the pioneer of industrial control in China and create the essence of national software

training date: June 23-25, 2004

training location: Shenzhou digital training center, room 901, floor 9, qiguang building, Xingqing South Road, Xi'an

Training Objective: through several engineering examples, you will be familiar with the basic usage and functions of MCGS web version, general version and embedded version industrial control configuration software, understand NTOUCH products, and describe engineering examples according to the general process of completing the project, so that you can understand how to use MCGS web version and general version, And the embedded industrial control configuration software and NTOUCH hardware cooperate to complete the project. Master the connection between MCGS configuration software and NTOUCH hardware; With the help of MCGS related data and technicians, I can independently organize relatively complex engineering projects

training form: multimedia, on-site configuration of complex functions, one machine for each student, and the combination of on-site guidance and computer practice

training content: make animation display in combination with the process flow, prepare control strategy in combination with the control flow, output real-time curves, historical curves, real-time data, historical reports, alarm display, operation menu design of environmental friendly high and low voltage electronic aluminum foil products for electrolytic capacitors independently developed by the company, simulate equipment connection, detailed introduction of WWW network version and practical practice in combination with examples, introduction of MCGS and NTOUCH use skills, Project password setting, actual equipment debugging, operation test, etc

number of trainees: 25, which will be decided by the receipt

schedule: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. 13:00-1 p.m. Fujian rose 40 yuan/ton 7:00

Contact: Kunlun Tongtai Xi'an Office/Xi'an Youma Technology Co., Ltd.

-------- Wang Qi, master of Electrical Engineering School of Beijing University of chemical technology contact: Kunlun Tongtai:/Xi'an Youma:

Contact Fax: Kunlun Tongtai:/Xi'an Youma:

Contact: Kunlun Tongtai: Jiang Wei ()/Xi'an Youma: Li wensong ()

email: mcgsjw@

effective date: June 22, 2004

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