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Mayer Futures: be cautious about the impact of hurricanes on oil prices ta811 wait and see for the time being

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because the path of the hurricane is still uncertain, w guaranteed the smooth development and utilization of core materials for China's civil aircraft on Friday, and Ti oil prices fell slightly by $0.13/barrel to $115.46/barrel. By September 1, the hurricane was on the verge of landing in the Gulf of Mexico, and the electronic disk of international oil prices opened at $116.80 per barrel in early trading, breaking through $117 per barrel

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three years ago, Hurricane Katrina in the same period caused fluctuations in oil prices, but at that time, oil prices were generally on the way down; Now, oil prices are also facing a choice of direction. After the US government made a statement to release crude oil reserves in response to the hurricane threat, even if the hurricane attack comes true, oil prices are unlikely to rise significantly, and the US dollar index is still in an upward trend. Since September 1, the US holiday, the international crude oil market will only have electronic trading

the executing agency adopts high-precision gear reduction micro motor to drive the friction body to carry out linear reciprocating friction movement [operation strategy]

PTA fundamentals have not changed. Under the condition that ta811 funds continue to flow to the spot market, it is obvious that ta811 futures market, which has lost the stimulation of oil price, has no reason to rise

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