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Mayor Zhuang Zhaolin investigates XCMG information, mayor Zhuang Zhaolin investigates XCMG information, and mayor Zhuang Zhaolin investigates XCMG information. On May 23, mayor Zhuang Zhaolin and his party visited XCMG group to carry out the special research on "cultivating large and strong enterprises through thousands of enterprises". Yang Dongsheng, general manager of XCMG group, Zhang Qiliang, general manager of XCMG information, and Wang Huajun, general manager of XCMG company were accompanied

Zhuang Zhaolin stressed that we should sincerely be a "waiter", continue to optimize the business environment, effectively solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the production and operation of enterprises, and unite a strong atmosphere and strong joint forces to serve the development of enterprises and help enterprises become bigger and stronger throughout the city

Zhuang Zhaolin first came to Xuzhou paite Control Technology Co., Ltd. The company is a Sino foreign joint venture jointly invested by XCMG group and Canada IRD company. It has become a major supplier and electrical system integrator of instruments, electrical control boxes, consoles, controllers and other electrical products for all branches of XCMG group

after listening to the report on the development of enterprises and the current difficulties, Zhuang Zhaolin pointed out that the high-end equipment and intelligent manufacturing industry is one of the four strategic leading industries in our city, with a long industrial chain. We should pay attention to strengthening the cultivation of core supporting enterprises, especially focusing on cultivating a number of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises with good quality and efficiency. All relevant departments in all regions should sincerely serve as "shop assistants", serve enterprises and cultivate enterprises wholeheartedly, and pay attention to continuous service for enterprises that have landed while increasing investment attraction. We should always adhere to the problem orientation, constantly optimize the business environment, and effectively provide personalized services for enterprises

"Zhuang Zhaolin stressed that in view of the current difficulties and problems encountered by Patek, we should take the initiative to help enterprises do a good job in the application of provincial high-tech enterprises, and speed up the filling of enterprise weaknesses. All relevant departments in the city should actively connect and take the initiative to solve the difficulties and problems in the operation and development process of Patek as soon as possible, so as to make the enterprise bigger and stronger and remove the worries at home.

Jiangsu XCMG Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a company mainly engaged in industry A mixed ownership enterprise of interconnected research and development. Zhuang Zhaolin walked into the enterprise, visited the exhibition hall of Hanyun industrial interconnection platform, and listened to the latest achievements made by XCMG in the digital transformation and the construction of Hanyun industrial interconnection platform. The contribution made by accelerating the industrial interconnection of countries along the "the Belt and Road" is fully affirmed

Zhuang Zhaolin said that XCMG information, as a high-tech enterprise and high growth enterprise, is a shining business card of Xuzhou's Internet industry on June 24. The rapid development of XCMG information benefits from the excellent development mechanism of the enterprise, the demonstration application and brand effect of XCMG group, and the full support of the whole city. We hope XCMG information will continue to strengthen independent innovation, firmly grasp the core technology of industrial interconnection in the hands of enterprises, and continue to provide customers with more high-quality and reliable products and services. The municipal government and relevant departments should fully support XCMG information to introduce high-end technical talents, implement various talent policies, and support enterprises to participate in Xuzhou wisdom. The biggest change is to greatly save travel time, urban construction, help enterprises speed up the listing process, and help XCMG information achieve its "three-step" development goal on schedule

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