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Maya has entered the desktop and crossed the three-dimensional limit

maya is the world's most powerful software for making 3D animation and visual effects. In the past five years, almost all films nominated for the "best visual effect" Oscar have chosen Maya without exception. Today, at the apple Maya Technology Forum "crossing the three-dimensional limit of NCC, which was founded in 2012, currently covers an area of 17500m2", the Beijing regional head of alias|wavefront, which developed Maya software, proudly announced, "today is the day Maya on Mac OS X was first released in Beijing on September 18, which is the first release in the world."

maya on Mac OS X is a Macintosh application that really works with Apple's standard Aqua users. The user interface in Maya, including the new hotbox and marking menus, can be set by users themselves and is easy to understand. For example, every time a user uses the unique marking menus in the software, it will show the user the information needed to perform the steps at that time, so that the user can become an expert from a novice

maya's other functions include advanced painting technology, and multi curve comparison, such as Maya artisan and Maya paint effects, which provide intuitive methods for 2D technicians to work on 3D interfaces. Maya can be neatly integrated into the existing production pipeline, which complements each other in the traditional 3D-2D workflow with other software

the use of high-performance composite materials will be more popular in cars in the future.

Maya on Mac OS X is applicable to a wide range of fields, such as Internet, video, games, TV advertising production, enterprise video, training, advertising, printing and sales, presentation images, visualization, broadcasting, virtual scenes, movies, and so on

in addition, the head of Apple's China marketing department also introduced Mac OS X, a UNIX based ultra modern operating system kernel, which integrates the most advanced and industry standard 2d/3d graphics, market-oriented and multimedia technology, making Maya even more powerful. And 800MHz PowerPC G4 dual processors are configured, with a floating-point operation speed of up to 11.8g-floats

nearly 300 spectators attended the seminar with great interest

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