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According to the statistics of the American fiber carton Association (FBA), the inventory of carton board in the United States and carton factories decreased for the third consecutive month in May, a decrease of 98900 short tons compared with April, with a total of 2.7 million short tons. Despite the exceptionally weak domestic demand for cartons in the United States, the sharp reduction in production contributed to the decline in inventories

the actual carton shipment in May was 32.3 billion square feet, down 3.8% from the same period last year

the actual carton shipment volume in this month was 159.7 billion square feet, a decrease of 9.04 billion square feet (5.3%) over the same period last year. On a weekly average, shipments fell by 6.3%. According to the data of af&pa, which now coincides with the main needle in the United States, the output reduction of carton board mills reached 474500 short tons in May, and the factory operating rate was only 84.7%

the export volume of vermicelli paperboard in May was 196000 short tons

compared with April, the inventory of vermicelli in the carton factory in May decreased by 51300 short tons, and the demand for corrugated base paper decreased by 49300 short tons. The inventory of corrugated base paper and vermicelli in the Paperboard Factory decreased by 4700 short tons and 6400 short tons respectively

Carry out trial production and operation

the inventory decline in May is higher than the average value of the same period in 10 years. 8 it is completed by the operator himself The 10th Western International Plastic Industry Exhibition of 10000 tons is also in this beautiful season from March 27 to 29

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