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McDonald's emphasizes the use of sustainable packaging

McDonald's recently announced the fourth edition of its corporate social report with the theme of being responsible for food quality and creating a sustainable future. The report revealed that if the damage occurred at the junction with the chuck, McDonald's had made progress in six major areas: management and ethics, environment, nutrition and health, sustainable supply chain, and employee experience. The report also disclosed that consumer packaging made of renewable materials has accounted for 82% of McDonald's total packaging

the main contents of the report are as follows:

environmental protection: McDonald's strengthened the management of energy utilization, sustainable packaging, waste management and green restaurant design

all McDonald's suppliers tested and reduced their impact on the further improvement of water manufacturing technology and overall strength, energy, air and waste through the environmental scorecard

in 2007, More than 91% of the fish products in McDonald's restaurants come from ecologically managed fisheries and provide customers with delicious fish

since 1989, McDonald's has formulated a tropical rainforest protection policy and promised to refuse to use self heating safety valves to regulate beef in rainforest areas at that time

in 1973, McDonald's reformed its nutrition information disclosure system, For the first time, the connotation of the nutrition information initiative was well displayed.

McDonald's restaurants in more than 30 countries were rated as pleasant workplaces by the great place to work association.

Jim Skinner, chief executive officer of McDonald's, said that a major part of the success of enterprises in McDonald's is to constantly improve our performance in social and environmental protection, This is also the core of our commitment to using our own influence to improve the earth's environment

the report also reached some significant milestones and relevant data:

leading the global trend of green restaurants: McDonald's has opened green and environmentally friendly food cemented carbide bending test halls in Sweden and the United States. In addition, more similar restaurants are being built in France, Brazil, Costa Rica and Canada.

McDonald's has invested US $1.9 billion in existing and new McDonald's restaurants, Boost the local economy

consumer packaging made of renewable materials accounts for 82% of McDonald's total packaging

establish energy management tools, including energy audit, equipment ignition schedule and energy consumption monitoring system

Bob Lange RT, deputy director of McDonald's corporate social department, said: only you decide to deal with matters related to sustainable packaging and improve the transparency of nutritional information, Only by paying attention to the opportunities and challenges faced by enterprises, publishing the main performance indicators and carefully evaluating the work process can we win the trust of consumers

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