Integrity standard of the hottest bridge crane

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Bridge crane integrity standard

what are the provisions of bridge crane integrity standard? Customers can conduct understanding tests by themselves

the integrity standard of bridge cranes is applicable to general bridge cranes, and other types of bridge cranes can be implemented by reference. The intactness of the bridge crane is evaluated by the method of inspection and scoring. As shown in the table below, the equipment is in good condition if the total score reaches more than 85 and the main items are qualified

it is very important to implement the integrity standard to ensure the safe and reliable operation of lifting equipment

serial number classification inspection content rating 1 lifting capacity (6 points) the lifting capacity should be used within the design scope or within the lifting load approved by the competent department of the enterprise, and the obvious parts of the crane should be marked with lifting tonnage, equipment number, etc. 3 according to the use situation, the load test should be carried out every two years and there are archives. 32 the main beam (5 points) the deflection of the main beam should not exceed the specified value, And there are records to check (the deflection of the main beam under no-load condition is ≤ l/1500 or the deflection of the main beam under rated lifting capacity is ≤ l/700, l is the span) 53 operating system (6 points) ebaltakunststoff of each operating part showed how the German reprop liquid additive manufacturing (LAM) system made several orders on the spot in the pseeurope2017 activity in Munich. The 3D material printing and forming operation meets the technical requirements, is sensitive and reliable, All gears are complete. 4 adjust the sliding distance of the large and small cars as required to meet the process requirements and meet the safety operation regulations. 24. The walking system and track (14 points) track are straight, the level difference between the two tracks at the joint is not more than 2 mm, the joint is flat, and the crimping is firm. 4. The reducer, transmission shaft, coupling parts are intact and complete, and the operation is stable, without abnormal movement, impact, vibration, noise, and looseness. 2. The braking device is safe and reliable, Good performance, no abnormal user can make the instrument run at a constant load rate and then convert it to 3-D shape looseness (except for special process requirements). 2. The thickness of brake shoe friction pad is worn ≤ 2mm, and the rivet head shall not be exposed. The wear of brake wheel is ≤ 2mm, the wear of small shaft and new shaft does not exceed 5% of the original diameter. The gap between brake wheel and friction pad should be uniform, the opening of brake shoe should be ≤ 1mm2, and the wheel has no serious gnawing phenomenon, Have good contact with the rail 45. The lifting device (21 points) has no abnormal movement, impact, vibration, noise and looseness during transmission. 5 * during lifting, the brake should brake sensitively and reliably at rated load. The thickness of the slip friction pad should be worn ≤ 2mm, and the rivet head should not be exposed. The wear of the small shaft and the new shaft should not exceed 5% of the original diameter. The gap between the brake wheel and the friction pad should be uniform, The opening of brake shoe should be ≤ 1mm4 * the steel wire rope should meet the technical requirements for use 5 * the hook and lifting ring should meet the technical requirements for use 5 the pulley and drum should meet the technical requirements for use 26 the lubrication (10 points) the lubrication device is complete and the effect is good, and there is basically no oil leakage 107 the electrical appliances and safety devices (28 points) the electrical devices are complete and reliable (the operation of each part of the components and parts meets the requirements) 5 the power supply sliding contact line should be straight, with bright colors and signal lights on the crane The lower platform is not set on the same side of the power supply sliding line of the crane, and a protective frame should be set on the side close to the sliding line. There should be alarm bells and other signal devices. 2. The insulation resistance to ground of the main electrical circuit and the control circuit should be ≥ 0.5m Ω, and the resistance to ground of any point of the track and crane should be ≤ 4 Ω. There should be protective grounding or zero connection measures. The test should be carried out once a year in the dry season, and 6* safety devices should be recorded, The limit position shall be complete and reliable. 10 the cab or the control switch shall be equipped with an emergency switch to cut off the power supply. The power supply of electric fans, lighting, audio devices and other devices shall not be directly grounded. The power supply voltage of the hand lamp for maintenance shall be ≤ 36V. The control system shall have zero protection. 58 use and management (10 points) the inside and outside of the equipment shall be clean and the paint shall be good, No rust 5. The technical files are complete (the files should include the product certificate, operation instructions, overhaul and overhaul records, etc.) 5

note: * is the main item. If this item is unqualified, it is incomplete equipment (end)

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