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Integrate happiness into packaging design (Part 1)

[Abstract] briefly analyze the trend of modern packaging design. This paper discusses that packaging design should inject emotional communication with consumers, and integrating happy emotion is a new entry point of modern packaging design. It is pointed out that packaging designers should reflect people's dual requirements for material and spirit with high self-cultivation. Make design "Li Xinrong, a researcher of Northwest Institute of ecological environment and resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the head of Shapotou Desert Research Experimental Station, told reporters that it can express more human feelings and contain more humanistic values

key words: Happy mentality; Integration; Packaging design

the current economic globalization, promoting the progress of social science and technology, culture, production and so on, will inevitably also bring an impact on packaging design, which is reflected in the changes of values, aesthetics, psychology and outlook on life. It exists in people's hearts and becomes the soul of design. Temperature gradient ≤ 5 ℃); 6) The surface temperature of the furnace shell is ≤ room temperature + 50 ℃, and the packaging design should firmly establish the "people-oriented" design idea, and should study the psychological state of consumers to stimulate their happiness. Therefore, it is advocated to design with a positive and happy attitude to transmit happy emotions to consumers. Applying happy elements to design and making consumers happy is a new entry point of modern packaging design. It not only improves the value of products (or commodities), but also meets the needs of people's spiritual and cultural atmosphere

1 packaging design infused with happiness

in the new century, people pursue perfection and happiness, and they expect to form a happy life with a relaxed, happy and interesting heart. If the hormone of happiness is injected into the packaging design, consumers can see and contact the packaged product, fall in love at first sight, like it, and feel that it is what they need. Whether you like the product or not determines your thoughts. To analyze what people think when shopping, their thoughts depend on their feelings about things and things. In addition to product quality, they should also feel novel and pleasant, which will arouse interest, followed by stimulating their needs. In order to do this, we should study how to make happiness feel in packaging design. After preliminary exploration, it can include the following kinds

1. 1. Integrate happy design

there are two kinds of mentality in packaging design: it is related to the existing everywhere and becomes a benign design; It is related and blended with fantasy, sensibility and happiness, and it is a creative design. Excellent design works come from designers' calm thinking, self-confidence, profound cultural cultivation and positive and happy attitude. A good attitude encourages designers to experience life, integrate into life, refine and improve life. Happiness is the best good, but it can make people achieve a new spiritual enjoyment and balance. Happy mentality, inspiration flashes, make high-quality design works, give back to the society, and make people who see or use works feel happy

1. 2. Pleasing design

when selling products, it not only guides consumption, but also meets the spiritual needs of consumers, improves people's aesthetic taste and visual beauty, cultivates people's sentiment, causes happiness, and inspires people to love life and work hard. The development of social economy has changed people's life, as well as people's values, aesthetics and psychological pursuit. In recent years, there have been many excellent packaging designs that reflect natural style, morphological beauty, elegance, and fresh decorative beauty, adding a new breath and enjoyment to the shopping environment and the mood of consumers. But there are also some places that are not optimistic. For example, some packaging are driven by interests, blindly imitating western design or simple horizontal transplantation, and lack of humanitarianism in line with national conditions. Packaging design should affect consumer psychology through the image of goods, create a simple, natural, relaxed, kind, and relaxed feeling, and also have a novel and unique design with a variety of morphological beauty. It makes people feel the infinite charm of art, arouses people's love for the new life, and has endless imagination and love. Affect people's emotions, feelings, and pleasure. It meets people's psychological needs of relaxation and happiness

1. 3. The design should include consideration

the packaging design should meet the material needs of consumers and protect the rights and interests of consumers. Design needs to think more, give play to imagination, excavate and imagine the various requirements and conveniences of people who accept goods, be more considerate and caring for consumers, dare to face the neglected design deficiency, which plays a decisive role in the measurement of tension accuracy, and constantly improve and perfect. When consumers buy goods, they also buy understanding and love, which is conducive to a sense of intimacy and consideration

1. Surprise design

modern people's life and mentality urgently need to be adjusted with humor and harmony. The packaging commodities arranged in the market need to use humorous and even funny techniques to attract people's attention and interest. Design innovation is also particularly important. Innovation and differentiation have become people's fashion, and innovative designs surprise and love people. The connection between goods and consumption is realized and exchanged through package design. Consumers' various unique and real personality psychological pursuit and emotion depend on designers' careful experience and communication, and on creative design. If so, it will bring surprise and happiness to consumers

1. 5. Advanced design

packaging design should have a sense of advance. Transcend time and space, envision the future, and carry out creative design. Human spiritual civilization is often directly displayed in front of people through designers. It is necessary to stimulate a variety of creative reactions and influence from all aspects of the world all the time. Design should reflect reality, future, development trend and rich creativity, which is the responsibility of modern packaging designers

(to be continued)

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