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The integration of low and medium altitude multispectral remote sensing equipment and wireless communication equipment is shown in Figure 6. The multispectral images obtained by the micro multispectral system are transmitted to the ground through the Wu line electric transmitting and receiving device, and the ground transmitting and receiving devices are connected with the ground computer through the A/D converter, and the ground computer processes the received images and shares the results with other computers on the ground through interconnection. The calculation method extracts, analyzes and calculates the gray value of images with different wavelengths, and performs image fusion processing, automatically and in real time obtains the image information of whether the exploration target exists, uniquely determines the spatial distribution of the remote sensing measured target, provides an objective report of the spatial distribution of the remote sensing measured target, and realizes the miniaturized real-time output imaging results of the powder preparation, molding and sintering process control technology of remote sensing functional ceramics

in the test stage, the prototype of one set of micro multispectral imaging system is ace-s560eh black-and-white micro phase camera (size: 1.5, '"produced by KT C company × 1.5,,’’ × 1,,’’、)。 This phase of polyurethane occupies a considerable share in the building insulation material market. The effective pixel of sony.3 'super had CCD is 768 pixels (vertical) × 494 pixels (water-a). Each pixel of the multispectral microfilter is composed of four test wavelengths of 650525460 and 577 nm

debugging of the whole multispectral wireless transmission system

indirect exports account for more than 20% of the demand structure of corrugated paper on box boards in China. First insert the vc600usb connector into the computer and open the vc600 software. At this time, you should not see the image (white noise) on the screen

then power on the Wu line electric receiver, and the LED light should be yellow. At this time, the auxiliary lithium battery (11.1v) of 3-cell can supply power to the Wu line electric transmitter. The rectifier on the transmitter will generate 3V voltage for the camera to work. The polarity of the battery is very important. When the polarity is matched correctly, the LED light on the transmitter will be

lit. Because the power of lithium battery is limited, it should always be turned up and backward to power up the radio transmitter, so as to save the power of the battery

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