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Wind turbine integrated technology control device

"wind turbine integrated technology control device" is a smart zigzag pre crack stress corrosion testing machine. A high-temperature zigzag stress corrosion testing machine that can adapt to large-scale samples or even prototype samples has been successfully delivered to user-friendly and comprehensive wind turbine control device. The device is a high-tech electromechanical integration integrating sensor, mechanical mechanism, microelectronics and power electronic control technology. Now it is declared as a national patent. I believe that with the products integrated with this technology, your enterprise will be in the leading position in this industry, so as to obtain greater profits and remain invincible for a longer time

this technology has the comprehensive control functions of controlling generally speaking, generator output current, battery voltage, generator speed, strong wind resistance, etc. It is applicable to all wind turbines with tail rudder structure. With the implantation of this technology, your wind turbine can achieve the following technical characteristics:

1) control the generator speed too high, so as to accurately ensure that the generator operates at less than 2 times the rated speed, and does not use mechanical brake structure. The wind force control deceleration and speed limit technology controlled by our unique chip has a very high control efficiency and has no impact on the generator. (our invention); (speed limit)

2) limit the intensity and time of generator output overcurrent; (protect the overload of the generator)

3) limit the voltage of the battery; (protect the battery of the high-speed linear reciprocating friction and wear tester (vibration friction and wear tester) from overcharging)

4) the head and support do not need eccentric design, and the operation is more stable and the structure is more reliable

5) widen the working wind speed range of the generator, which can generally reach the wind speed above the upper limit of 40 m/s. The wind turbine will not be forced to stop due to strong wind; (wide wind speed makes more effective use of wind energy.)

6) can complete the fire endurance of no less than 1.6 hours) into an unattended working state, and will not be artificially controlled and shut down due to strong winds, hurricanes and typhoons; (unattended Technology)

7) the device (Technology) has the characteristics of reliable performance, stability, low cost and so on. (easy to implant any model)

8) this device (Technology) can widely improve the utilization rate of wind energy (there will be no embarrassing situation that there is a strong wind and the battery is dead, but the wind turbine does not dare to run. In particular, the situation that the larger the wind is, the less power is common for traditional units.) Improve the grade and fundamentally solve the unique characteristics of wind resistance and reliability. (it is incomparable to all traditional wind turbines with tail rudder structure at present, and even higher than the utilization rate of wind speed band of large-scale wind turbines.)

9) strong wind resistance control technology can make the wind resistance and reliability of wind turbine far higher than the current pure mechanical structure, such as eccentric swing tail type, upward tilt type and so on. There will be no dull and unreliable control state of mechanical type

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