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Foshan, Guangdong: build a green ecological transportation system. There are 15 scales to choose from. Water welcomes pure electric buses

Sanshui in Foshan is located in the northwest border of Guangzhou Foshan integration and the middle of Guangzhou Foshan Zhaoqing economic circle. It is named Sanshui because the Xijiang River, Beijiang River and Suijiang River converge in the territory. "All things in the water", the blending of water and green, the singing of birds and the fragrance of flowers, and the ecological beauty of Sanshui are the business cards that will be revised in the experimental scheme after Sanshui has great characteristics

as one of China's top 100 regions with a GDP of more than 100 billion, Sanshui attaches great importance to ecological and environmental protection while promoting economic development. Recently, a batch of fresh and green pure electric buses of Jinlong bus were delivered to Foshan Sanshui District Yunfa Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sanshui Yunfa company") to help Sanshui build a green ecological transportation system and protect the local green mountains and rivers

new energy solutions adapt to local conditions

it is understood that this batch of vehicles will be used to improve the intercity transportation between Sanshui District and other districts of Foshan, so as to achieve cross regional environmental protection and comfortable travel. Due to the long mileage of choosing pure electric buses to operate on intercity lines, Sanshui transportation company has carefully selected and compared various models. After knowing the demand, the technical team of Jinlong bus rushed to Sanshui at the first time to collect the route spectrum information, analyze the data, and formulate a matching green travel solution. At the same time, the sample vehicle is also put into the actual line test run. Finally, the pure electric bus xmq6110bev and xmq6106g of Jinlong bus stand out with excellent "test results" and become the new main force of green bus of Sanshui transport and development company

the above two models are heavy-duty products developed by Jinlong bus for the new energy market. In view of the large passenger capacity of public transport, a lot of optimization design and spatial layout have been carried out on the body of these two models to increase the space in the passenger area and improve the ride comfort; Equipped with the domestic leading three electricity system and adopting the mode of fast charging and slow charging, the endurance mileage can reach 150 kilometers, which fully meets the characteristics of long intercity bus mileage; The energy consumption is low. According to the actual test, the power consumption of the above two models is as low as 0.8 degrees per kilometer even when the air conditioner is used in summer, which helps Sanshui shipping company realize "minimizing the transportation cost and maximizing the operation value."

Jinlong new energy R & D breaks through the situation and makes efforts

in fact, when providing new energy solutions, Jinlong bus has always been so "intimate" and paid attention to "adjusting measures to local conditions". Considering the great differences in urban and road conditions, Jinlong bus has carried out targeted optimization and improvement in product design, charging scheme, supporting facilities construction, safety assurance and other aspects according to the problems of different products in actual operation, in order to maximize the efficiency of different categories of new energy bus products in their specific operating environment

customized new energy solutions have made Jinlong bus new energy products popular in the market. Up to now, nearly 10000 Jinlong new energy buses have passed through more than 200 cities in the country

Jinlong new energy bus runs in the city

at the same time, Jinlong bus always keeps up with the development trend of the new energy market and constantly leads the development trend of the industry with innovative products. At the Beijing Road Transport Exhibition in May this year, the new Longwei II generation pure electric road bus xmq6127by was launched. This model subverts the mode that new energy buses are mostly restructured from traditional models. When the lag ring method is fully implemented for pure electric vehicles, the lag ring bus should be drawn. The new model is developed and designed by inserting one end of the test piece into the fixed chuck, fully meeting the customers' needs for the performance, safety and comfort of pure electric buses

the "light of the city" xmq6850g pure electric bus on display together has gathered the advantages of the previous generation of bus products, upgraded and innovated the shape, interior decoration and new energy control system at the same time, to cope with the new competitive situation of new energy bus market competition technology

at present, urban air pollution is becoming increasingly serious, and green travel has become the development road of Chinese cities. As a leading enterprise of new energy bus, Jinlong bus will continue to explore and launch cutting-edge products and technologies to help the public achieve safety, environmental protection and comfort in travel

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