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Tianjin Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd. signed for establishment

on November 23, 2018, the signing ceremony of Tianjin Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd. was grandly held in the Tianjin Government Guest House. The ceremony announced that Tianjin Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd. was officially established and settled in the Tianjin Port free trade zone, establishing a large R & D and production base led by industrial robots. It marks that the strategic layout of Xinsong 3+n+m is more perfect, and then the new chapter

Yin Hejun, deputy secretary of Tianjin municipal Party committee, Yao Laiying, deputy mayor, relevant leaders from the Municipal Bureau of science and technology, the Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, Binhai New Area government, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, as well as qudaokui, President of Xinsong company, Wang Jintao, vice president of Xinsong company, general manager of industrial robot BG, He Gang, general manager of Beijing Xinsong Jiahe Electronic Systems Co., Ltd., and other leaders attended and witnessed the signing ceremony

(Figure) Tianjin Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd. was officially established, and the leading representatives of Tianjin took a group photo with Xinsong's leading team at the signing ceremony

as one of the national central cities, Tianjin is close to the capital Beijing, known as the hub of rivers and seas and the gateway of Jifu. It has formed a three-dimensional sea, land and air transportation network centered on the largest port in the north, and has the first free trade zone in the north, with a high concentration of scientific and technological talents and rich supporting resources, The market space is vast

in 2018, Tianjin issued relevant policies to speed up the introduction and education of emerging industries such as intelligent robots and intelligent software and hardware, provide application scenarios and market space for intelligent technology enterprises, and support the development of robot industry has been listed in the ten intelligent manufacturing policies of Tianjin. Focus on the initial products and innovative technologies of enterprises, increase support, and provide nanny like whole process services and one-stop policy support for intelligent manufacturing from the needs of enterprises at different stages, so as to continuously optimize the development environment of intelligent technology industry

Tianjin's intelligent technology industry introduction policy coincides with the large-scale development strategy of Xinsong industrial clusters. After rigorous and meticulous exchanges and discussions, the two sides decided to set up a Xinsong industrial robot R & D and production base in the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone

China is the fastest growing industrial robot market in the world. Industrial robots have great strategic significance in promoting the intelligent upgrading of China's equipment manufacturing industry. Xinsong industrial robot has a complete product line, including more than 30 products with a load range of 4kg to 500kg, which are oriented to spot welding, arc welding, handling, spraying, assembly, grinding and other fields. Xinsong deeply integrates artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing technology, effectively improving product performance and expanding the application field of products. The edge computing controller of industrial robot independently developed by Xinsong realizes intelligent perception in unstructured environment and intelligent control in variable scenes, which can provide support for big data, cloud platform, IOT, etc., and also provide guarantee for the intelligent development of industrial robot. With good product performance and high-quality customer service, Xinsong industrial robot has established good cooperative relations with well-known customers in many industries, and has set up one milestone after another in the development of China's industrial robots:

(Figure) in brilliance's intelligent car, a touch of bright Chinese Red Robot appeared on the high-end automobile welding line that domestic industrial robots have never been involved in, It marks that domestic industrial robots have successfully established themselves in the high-end market

(Figure) the robot automatic gluing system built with Xinsong industrial robot as the core has settled in BMW factory. This project is the first time that BMW factory adopts robots made in China for automatic gluing of auto parts. The whole system shows a superb design level and excellent operation effect

(Figure) in the upgrading and reconstruction of Hisense intelligent chemical plant, Xinsong multi variety industrial robots play an important role in handling, assembly, stacking and other links, continuously improving the pressure loss, large production efficiency and product quality of the gate part, and setting a new benchmark for the upgrading of the household appliance industry to intelligent manufacturing

(Figure) Xinsong customized the robot automatic glazing production line for Jiumu, which is the first time in the international ceramic sanitary industry, providing a guarantee for the intelligent upgrading of ceramic sanitary enterprises

(Figure) Xinsong company customized the robot intelligent grinding and polishing system for Shanghai Jiaoyun Automotive Power System Co., Ltd. The closed workstation improves the working environment of operators and effectively controls the harm caused by dust and noise to human body

20% of Tianjin Xincong's rated load (for example, 20% of the 2000kN press is 400.0kn pine Robot Automation Co., Ltd. B. after the formal completion of the computer screen display experimental force, cylinder displacement, loading rate, deformation experimental data company, industrial robot R & D innovation, pilot test, production and manufacturing and industrial application will be carried out in the Park. The establishment of industrial robot research institute, Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Research Institute, and the construction of industrial robot industrial base are Xinsong's accelerated layout industrial cluster Large scale strategic achievements. It provides new impetus for the research and development of key technologies of industrial robots, and also creates new opportunities for industrial robots to create greater market application space

the signing and establishment of Tianjin Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd. is the first high-tech enterprise in the robot whole industry value chain, which is farsighted by the Tianjin Municipal People's government and the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone. It is an important measure to implement the coordinated development strategy of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and promote the development of high-end intelligent equipment in China

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