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Foton Motor and Cummins unveil Auman GTL heavy truck driven by ISG innovative power

Foton Motor and Cummins unveil Auman GTL heavy truck driven by ISG innovative power

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Guide: on April 8, 2014, Beijing Foton Motor Co., Ltd. (Foton Motor for short), China's leading commercial vehicle enterprise, and Cummins, the world's largest independent engine manufacturer, Jointly recommend a new engine powered by Cummins ISG series heavy-duty engine

on April 8, 2014, Columbus, Indiana, USA - China's leading commercial vehicle enterprise - Beiqi Foton Automobile Co., Ltd. (Foton automobile for short) and Cummins, the world's largest independent engine manufacturer, jointly introduced a new heavy truck powered by Cummins ISG series heavy engines. The global launch ceremony was held at Cummins technology center in the United States. This newly released Foton Daimler Auman GTL "super version" heavy truck adopts Cummins ISG series innovative heavy-duty power platform, and is designed to meet and exceed the stringent requirements of users for performance and reliability by tightening the nut behind the weight according to the needs of customers. The new "super energy" heavy truck, produced by Beijing Foton Daimler Automobile Co., Ltd. (bfda for short, is an equivalent joint venture between Foton and Daimler), will achieve five breakthroughs in fuel economy, safety, reliability, comfort and comprehensive operating costs, and significantly improve customer value experience

Auman GTL super heavy truck "since the establishment of a joint venture in 2008, Foton and Cummins have successfully built an ISF light engine platform and led the light commercial vehicle market. Today, combined with Foton's in-depth understanding and cognition of truck users, the Cummins ISG heavy engine and Auman GTL super heavy truck, which were synchronously developed by Foton and Cummins based on the vehicle platform, are positioned in the high-end market and lead the future of heavy trucks with new breakthrough technology." Wang Jinyu, general manager of Foton automobile, said, "the final result is to significantly improve the user experience. Through joint ventures and cooperation with Cummins and Daimler, Foton automobile combines the advantageous resources of the three parties to create a gold value chain and meet the value and interest demands that customers are most concerned about." "The cooperation of ISG engine is based on the natural extension of Cummins and Foton's success in assembling Foton trucks with ISF." Steve Chapman, vice president of Cummins group in charge of China and Russia, talked about the cooperation between the two sides: "This shows once again the vitality that a win-win partnership can bring to both partners. We hope that the successful application of Cummins ISG engine in Foton trucks can make a unique contribution to the rapid development of Foton's future business." Cummins ISG series heavy-duty engine platform, in-line six cylinder, with isg11, it is usually difficult to return to the original straightness L and isg12l models to the market, meeting the extensive and diverse needs of the global market and emission standards at different stages. The ISG engine is designed and developed by the Cummins US team, and cooperates with the global technology and market team to input resources, make full use of the strengths of all parties, and deeply interpret the regional markets and customer needs. This global linkage design mode develops a highly adaptable product platform through the most advanced technology, which can meet the different needs of different target markets and regions for engine performance and cost. Cummins and Foton started the cooperation on ISG engine project as early as 2010. Thanks to the full understanding of users' needs, ISG heavy engine platform has established the development concept of providing value to customers and meeting customers' practical needs at the beginning of design. Combined with Cummins' patented technology and advanced production technology, it has achieved new breakthroughs in improving power and torque, fuel economy, controllability and reliability. At this event, Cummins and Foton Cummins joint venture also signed a development contract for non road phase IV (EPA Tier 4 final/eu stage IV) and Euro 6 emission standard engine for highway, which will further improve the durability and power level of the engine platform and establish the advantages of emission upgrading in the future

Wang Jinyu, general manager of Foton Motor Group Caoside, vice president of Cummins group, jointly signed the development contract for the joint development of euro-6 and non road phase IV emission standard engines for highway use. Rich Freeland, vice president of Cummins and President of the engine business unit, said: "The listing of ISG engine will create a new situation for us to further expand and deeply cultivate China's truck market. As one of the world's largest truck markets, China will continue to maintain growth driven by strong demand, and is implementing stricter emission regulations to ensure sustainable development while achieving environmental benefits. The cooperation between our two companies on ISG projects once again confirms our common commitment to the environment Promise. It is this solemn commitment to promote our research and development and production of advanced heavy-duty engines, which not only meet the needs of customers, but also contribute to the construction of a cleaner environment. " Cummins G series engine will be promoted worldwide and will be produced by Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd

Wang Jinyu, general manager of Foton automobile, and Feng Tianxiang, vice president and President of the engine business department of Cummins, took a group photo in front of the first Foton Auman GTL super heavy truck equipped with Cummins ISG engine. Foton automobile Beiqi Foton Automobile Co., Ltd., founded in 1996, has rapidly developed into the world's largest commercial vehicle enterprise in terms of sales, and occupies a leading position in the field of light commercial vehicles and heavy trucks. Foton's products include trucks, buses, vans, SUVs and pickup trucks. Foton has about 40000 employees, and the sales of commercial vehicles in 2013 exceeded 670000. For details, please visit Foton auto officer. Cummins in China Cummins and China can be traced back to the 1940s more than half a century ago. On March 11, 1941, US President Franklin Roosevelt signed the lease act to provide wartime assistance to 38 countries, including China. The military aid to China under the lease act includes Jiangfang patrol boats and military trucks equipped with Cummins engines. At the end of 1944, a Chongqing enterprise sent a letter to Cummins company, seeking to establish business contacts to carry out localized production of Cummins engines in China. Elvin Miller, then general manager of Cummins engine company, expressed great interest in this in his reply, hoping that Cummins could build a plant in China after the Sino Japanese war. For well-known reasons, Mr. Miller's idea can only be realized in the 1970s, 30 years later, with the gradual easing of Sino US relations. Cummins and its affiliated subsidiaries have invested more than US $1billion in China. As the largest foreign investor in China's diesel engine industry, Cummins' business ties with China began in 1975. Mr. Elvin Miller, then chairman of Cummins, visited Beijing for the first time and became one of the first American entrepreneurs to come to China to seek business cooperation. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States in 1979 and China's opening to the outside world, the first Cummins office in China was established in Beijing. Cummins is one of the first Western diesel engine companies to carry out localized production of engines in China. Cummins began to license the production of engines in Chongqing engine factory in 1981. In 1995, Cummins established its first Chinese joint venture engine factory. So far, Cummins has a total of 28 institutions in China, including 15 wholly-owned and joint ventures, with more than 9000 employees, producing products such as engines, generator sets, alternators, filtration systems, turbocharging systems, post-treatment and fuel oil systems. Cummins' service network in China includes 12 regional service centers, more than 30 customer support platforms and more than 2000 authorized dealers of wholly-owned and joint ventures in China. Cummins has long insisted on forming strategic alliances with large Chinese enterprises to achieve common development. As the first foreign-funded diesel engine enterprise to come to China for localized production, Cummins has established four engine joint ventures with leading Chinese commercial vehicle enterprises, including Dongfeng Motor, Shaanxi Automobile Group and BAIC Foton, and 15 of Cummins's 24 engine series have been produced locally in China. Cummins is the first foreign-funded diesel engine company to set up a research and development center in China. In August, 2006, the engine technology research and development center established by Cummins in cooperation with Dongfeng company was officially opened in Wuhan, Hubei Province. In 2013, Cummins' sales in China reached US $3.5 billion, and China has become Cummins' largest and fastest-growing overseas market in the world

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