Foton Motor will invest 2billion to enter the fiel

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Foton Motor will invest 2billion to enter the field of heavy machinery

Foton 100 mm vehicle will invest 2billion to enter the field of heavy machinery

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Guide: Foton Motor recently signed an agreement with the Changping District Government of Beijing Municipality on the entry of the Beiqi Foton Heavy machinery project, taking the sensor of the S-type experimental machine as an example, and will soon establish Beijing Foton Heavy Machinery Technology Branch, which is mainly engaged in heavy machinery business. According to reports, Foton Heavy machinery project business positioning in the production and marketing of heavy machinery

Foton Motor recently signed a "Beiqi Foton Heavy machinery project settlement agreement" with the Changping District Government of Beijing, and will soon establish a "Beijing Foton Heavy Machinery Technology Branch", which is mainly engaged in heavy machinery business

according to the introduction, the business of Foton Heavy machinery project is oriented to the production and marketing of heavy machinery, and plans to build a leading heavy machinery production and manufacturing base in China by using Foton brand and industrial advantages. The planned products are various cranes, mining vehicles, rail transit equipment and new energy equipment, with an annual production capacity of 6000 units. The project will start construction in December 2010 and be completed and put into operation by the end of 2011; It is planned to speed up the production and utilization of special engineering plastics and high-performance modified materials such as aromatic heterocyclic polymers and their high-performance composites. The total investment is planned to be about 2billion yuan. It is expected to achieve an annual sales revenue of 10billion yuan, profit and tax of 1.6 billion yuan, and arrange 5000 jobs after the completion of production

it is understood that Foton Heavy Machinery will use global R & D resources to achieve global R & D and improve its ability of independent innovation; And developed a matching sales model, service model and market development guidance. By the beginning of 2012, Foton's crane, crawler crane, all surface crane and engineering mining vehicle will be fully developed, and the production, global marketing model construction and product trial sales will be completed simultaneously. Heavy machinery will become a new economic growth point for Foton

at the same time, the heavy machinery project is only one of the six key projects of Foton Motor in 2010. Others include Auman new energy-saving heavy truck factory, Beijing multi-function automobile factory, gasoline engine factory, global business headquarters and Nanhai new energy bus manufacturing base

in addition to the construction of six major domestic projects, Foton will also build five overseas plants with a capacity of 100000 vehicles in Brazil, India, Russia, Mexico and Thailand. Through the adjustment of product structure and the production of high-end automobile and engine products, it will break through the three world's most high-end automobile markets of Japan and South Korea, Western Europe and North America; Take new energy as an opportunity to realize the leapfrog development of passenger car business

according to the introduction, by 2020, Foton Motor commercial vehicles will strive to achieve the world's first, passenger vehicles will achieve domestic leadership and globalization, the total sales plan will exceed 4million, and the operating revenue will exceed 300billion yuan

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