In January, there were 5 cases of h7n9 avian influ

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In January, there were five cases of h7n9 avian influenza in Jiangsu Province, and one person died.

although the Spring Festival has passed, all kinds of influenza are still rampant. Yesterday, the health and Family Planning Commission of Jiangsu Province announced the epidemic situation in January 2016, and h7n9 avian influenza began to "Rejoice" with the Spring Festival. Last month, there were five cases of h7n9 avian influenza in Jiangsu, and one person died

h7n9 avian influenza has always surrounded us. Yesterday, it was found from the epidemic situation released by the health and Family Planning Commission of Jiangsu province that in January this year, five people in Jiangsu were "shot" by h7n9 avian influenza, and one died. In the past, China Zhongwang only provided aluminum extrusion materials for automobile manufacturers. It was learned that in the whole year of last year, there were 17 infected people in Jiangsu, and more than half of them died

5 people were infected with avian influenza in January, and 1 person died with the development of industry. Is this epidemic serious? Experts said that this is not unusual. The first quarter was originally a high incidence season for human infection with h7n9 avian influenza. In the first quarter of last year, there were 10 infected people in Jiangsu. In January, 7 people were infected with h7n9 avian influenza and 6 people died of h7n9 avian influenza

at present, influenza in Jiangsu has entered a high incidence stage. Experts from the Nanjing CDC tell us that the epidemic situation is different from that in the first half of 2013. At that time, such a case appeared for the first time in the world, with a very high mortality rate. However, as time goes on, many patients can return to normal life after treatment

experts say that the 4-point 5-split virus fried in h7n9 sample is afraid of heat. In daily life, it should be noted that poultry meat and eggs must be thoroughly cooked before eating; Do not kill live birds by yourself, and do not buy poultry products that have not been quarantined. Avian influenza is also a respiratory infectious disease. The prevention of this disease is the same as the prevention of common influenza. If you do not go to a crowded place, the elderly and the weak should pay attention to keeping warm, treat colds in time, and contact less live birds

the most effective method against common influenza viruses is to vaccinate against influenza to exercise and improve their own resistance. There are some citizens with basic diseases whose immune level is relatively lower than that of normal people, and their ability to infect external pathogens is stronger

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it was learned from the CDC of Jiangsu province that Jiangsu has recently entered a high incidence season of influenza, and influenza A (H1N1) has made a comeback, reaching its recent peak last week. Within a week, more than 6000 patients were reported at the provincial monitoring posts, and many "family flu" cases have appeared clinically

influenza A (H1N1) has become a kind of seasonal influenza, which only spreads among people. If a patient with swine flu is not treated for a long time, it is easy to cause severe pneumonia, and the disease progresses very rapidly. If citizens have fever, cough, general pain and other symptoms, they must seek medical treatment as soon as possible

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