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Haojiahao flooring is a flooring brand famous for its comfort and simplicity. Among the top ten brands of flooring, haojiahao flooring was selected as one of the top ten brands of flooring in China by ranking ninth. It is one of the most well-known flooring brands in China. Now I will introduce in detail how good Jiahao flooring is and the price for Daquan

haojiahao flooring is a flooring brand famous for its comfortable products and return to nature. Among the top ten brands of flooring, haojiahao flooring was selected as one of the top ten brands of flooring in China by ranking ninth. It is one of the most well-known flooring brands in China. Now I will introduce in detail how good Jiahao flooring is and the price for Daquan

how about the quality of haojiahao flooring

1. Product type: haojiahao flooring currently has 7 series of more than 60 colors, such as U-shaped mirror, V-shaped piano paint, V-shaped retro hand planed pattern, etc

2. Product certification: haojiahao flooring is produced in strict accordance with national gb/t18102 and GB18580-2001 standards, and has passed ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, and has won “ National inspection free products ” Honor

3. Enterprise strength: in 2006, haojiahao flooring introduced a first-class management team, tried to integrate the brand, plastic a good brand image, and “ Harmony · Zhiyuan ” As the core concept, based on a high starting point and high standards, looking at the world

competitive advantages of haojiahao flooring

1. Reasonable product structure

the existing seven product series include 8mm crystal surface, 12mmv ordinary molding, 12mmv bright surface molding, 12mmv synchronous retro hand planing, 12mmv paint spraying, 12mmv retro hand planing, 12mmv pearl surface molding and other structural products, setting off a product storm and leading the market trend

2. The product designs and colors are complete

haojiahao flooring product designs and colors have been cast in the market furnace to remove the rough and save the fine. From the initial more than 100 designs and colors to the current more than 60 designs and colors. Each of the more than 60 decors is novel, unique, elegant and fashionable, suitable for different consumer groups and different decoration styles, forming the core competitive advantage of decors

3. Giant combination

wear resistant layer: 45g-72g solid aluminum oxide (commonly known as artificial diamond) wear resistant paper of Mead company is adopted, and the wear resistance value can reach & nbsp; More than 8000 turns, far higher than the national standard of 6000 turns, can maintain the durability of the floor, not easy to scratch, long-lasting

decorative layer: select European and American elegant and fashionable decorative base paper, with clear and delicate design and color, lifelike texture, avoiding ghosting and uneven color spots, and having a strong sense of penetration and visibility. At the same time, add special light resistant materials to make the plate surface pattern bright, durable, and the anti fading ability is above level 7

base material layer: haojiahao floor adopts high-density (HDF) base material from Daya company, which meets the EO standard. It is green and environment-friendly, with low soaking expansion rate, uniform density and stable performance. It can effectively enhance the impact resistance of the floor and have a more comfortable foot feel

balance layer: imported high-quality melamine impregnated balance paper is used to effectively balance the floor, prevent the floor from warping and deformation, and prevent moisture from penetrating from the back of the floor

4. Intelligent arc lock

intelligent arc lock adopts the combination of arc buckle and triangle buckle, which greatly increases the contact area between the tenon and the tenon, increases the stress strength of the buckle, improves the tensile capacity of the groove, and is safer and less worry to use. The latch can be dispensed with the gluing process and is easy to install, “ One shot ” That is, perfect

5. Strong media promotion

rely on CCTV platform and local media to improve brand competitiveness

6. Independent brand operation and management center

independent brand operation and management center, which guides brand operation and management, market development, network maintenance, terminal construction throughout the process

7. Perfect customer service system

perfect customer service system forms an information platform for sharing resources with dealers

8 Unique marketing activities and event marketing activities improve brand image

haojiahao flooring price list

haojiahao flooring provides customers with “ Detailed, meticulous and careful ” The 3x service regards customers as God and quality as life, and strives to provide customers with better flooring products

hu001 806*143mm 12mm 148.00 yuan/square meter

hu012 806*143mm 12mm 98.00 yuan/square meter

hu003 806*143mm 12mm 102.50 yuan/square meter

Canova 910*127mm 15mm 265.00 yuan/square meter

sapanz 910*127mm 15mm 138.00 yuan/square meter

editor's summary: the above is part of the price information of haojiahao flooring that we have learned, for your reference only.The. Haojiahao flooring is also a trustworthy brand for consumers who do not know the flooring industry. I will introduce haojiahao flooring and its price to you here, hoping to help you





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