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Five energy-saving methods for doors and windows to reduce electricity expenditure in summer

someone said that

you will never wake up a person who pretends to sleep

Xiaobian laughed

you turn off the air conditioner and try it

the weather is so hot recently

it will be hot at any time if you don't turn on the air conditioner

but you may feel that turning on the air conditioner every day wastes more electricity.

it's all right. Here are some tips for saving energy

five energy-saving methods for windows and doors will reduce your electricity bill by half

1. Choose the right one.The orientation of, Reduce solar radiation and heat transfer

according to the variation law of solar altitude and azimuth, opening windows to the south of the building can reduce solar radiation and heat transfer in summer and increase solar radiation and heat transfer in winter, which is the most favorable building orientation

2. Choose a suitable window type and reduce heat convection

window type is the first element that affects energy-saving performance. Generally, under the same configuration, the thermal insulation performance of casement windows is about 20% higher than that of sliding windows, because the cold air infiltration heat consumption of windows accounts for a certain proportion of the heat consumption of the whole window (about 10% - 30%), and the air tightness of casement windows is 1-2 levels higher than that of sliding windows. Therefore, from the perspective of energy conservation, casement windows should be selected as far as possible

3. Reasonably select glass and control radiant heat

in windows, the glass area accounts for 65% - 75% of the window area. It mainly makes the loss of energy through thermal radiation, and controls the radiant heat transfer through doors and windows, so as to ensure the energy-saving effect of the overall building. Single glass has the highest heat transfer coefficient, which is not suitable for energy-saving doors and windows. The energy-saving performance of insulating glass is better than that of single glass. The new energy-saving glass developed by laolaibulai doors and windows has better energy-saving performance, and can effectively block 90-99% of the sunlight and heat

4. Select appropriate window frame materials to reduce heat conduction

window profiles account for about 15% - 30% of the area of the outer window opening, which is another weak link of energy loss in the outer window of the building. Broken bridge aluminum alloy profile, through the thermal insulation strip inserted in the middle of the aluminum, the aluminum profile is broken to form a broken bridge, which effectively prevents the conduction of heat. It not only retains the advantages of aluminum profile, but also greatly reduces the heat transfer coefficient of aluminum profile, and has a good energy-saving effect

5. Add louvers to resist the heat energy generated by the sun

the louvers have a sunshade function, which can effectively resist the radiant heat energy of the sun on the room. Moreover, the surface of the louvers is a smooth surface, which will reflect the sun and achieve the effect of reducing the room temperature in summer

a refreshing summer, Energy saving and expenditure reduction

I choose

Lao Lai not bad doors and windows

cqc China energy saving certified product

is so reassuring

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