Teach you how to choose furniture, one, two, three

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Furniture is indispensable for home life. Some people buy it for practical purposes, while others are obsessed with furniture “ Beauty ” And buy to decorate the house. However, in order to make home life more harmonious, choosing furniture must not conflict with home style. So, how to choose furniture

how to choose furniture 1. Choose style in shopping malls

the prosperity of the real estate market has also brought the home furnishing industry hot. Various home furnishing building materials markets have given consumers more choices, so you might as well go to furniture malls more. When is the best time to choose furniture? Some people say that after the house is decorated, this is not appropriate. If you can't choose the right furniture, it will inevitably have a certain impact on the overall home style. Therefore, it is suggested to have an understanding of various styles of furniture before determining the decoration style, so as to have a better grasp of the decoration style

how to choose furniture 2. The designer matches it skillfully.

the train runs fast, which all depends on the front belt. If you want to get better results in house decoration, a good designer is absolutely indispensable. If you can find a good designer, you can save even shopping. The designer can directly give a reasonable matching scheme according to his own experience. It not only integrates with the overall style, but also emits a unique fragrance in the flowers. The most important thing is to avoid damaging the aesthetic feeling of the overall style due to the wrong selection of furniture

how to choose furniture 3. Order the perfect furniture

you can buy finished furniture or make private orders. The advantage of customized furniture is that you can choose the right board, size and furniture shape more freely, which is more consistent with the decoration style and immediately improves the overall space texture

how to choose furniture 4. Distinguish between good and bad by quality

as consumers, they buy furniture with the naked eye and touch it with their hands. First of all, we should pay attention to the material of furniture and distinguish between panel furniture and solid wood furniture; Secondly, it depends on the workmanship, the four corners should be flat, the structure should be firm, and the edge sealing should be tight; Finally, don't ignore the paint. If the furniture is painted, pay attention to check whether the furniture paint is flat and smooth, and whether there are wrinkles, etc

the above is all about how to choose furniture. I hope it will help you. If you want to know more about furniture, please pay attention to the decoration information channel




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